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Everything you need to know about DaaS optimisation

With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a premium end-user experience is extremely important and creates a couple of things to consider when comparing against traditional desktops. Please see these considerations below: Network Performance and Optimisation This is by far the most important component of Desktop as a Service and while we take care of our […]

Your Office 365 questions answered

Office 365 is a fantastic product and we get a lot of questions every day about if it can be used with our Desktop as a Service solution. Read on below as I cover the various components of Office 365. Firstly, the main question, “Can I use Office 365 with DaaS?” The answer is yes! […]

Welcome to 2015!

Want to start 2015 with some serious revenue to ensure you’re kicking your goals? We thought so! To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering all our special Partners a 75% off voucher that can be redeemed on all Desktop as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service solution to help you kick some serious DaaS. […]

Hosted Network announce VoIP as their latest service offering

Due to popular demand, Hosted Network are excited to announce that we now offer VoIP/ Hosted PBX as a fully featured value added service. VoIP is a great complement to the Hosted Network existing offerings which include DaaS, IaaS and Internet Services and is sure to enhance to productivity and reliability of business communication. The […]

Introducing Desktop Disaster Recovery

Imagine if you were in the firing line of a bushfire, a flood or in the eye of a severe storm – how prepared would your organisation be? If your working facility was to be severely impacted, could your business carry on? If you answered no to the above, then it’s time to say hello to the […]

How much bandwidth does Desktop as a Service use?

I’ve been getting this question a lot from partners and while we have a basic FAQ (linked here) its only an example as it always depends on the end clients workload. So, I wanted to do a deeper look at how much bandwidth was needed for a typical tenant and give some specifics to the […]

An update: What’s in the pipeline?

Well it’s been very frantic over the past few months with some huge developments so I wanted to send a quick update to both our prospective and current partners to let you know some of the exciting things that have been happening here at Hosted Network and what the next few months look like. First […]

DaaS as a DR Solution

These days, most businesses see the benefit in some form of Disaster Recovery (DR). Most businesses still see this as a storage tape that somebody would take home each night, which really isn’t DR. Some might even take this a step further and have a DR solution in place for their entire server. Think about […]

What is DaaS? (Desktop as a Service)

Desktop as a Service or “DaaS” is the delivery of a complete desktop workspace from the cloud. Just like you would stream a video on Youtube, we do something similar with your corporate desktop. Your entire desktop is streamed from the datacentre back to the device you’re working from via the internet. This means there […]

Introducing our new partner program, portal AND website!

Over the past few months we have been busy preparing Hosted Network for a transition into a partner only model. The vast majority of our customers are IT integrators or software companies either referring or reselling our services already. The reason for this is that DaaS is a relatively new technology and while it is […]

Ascend to the cloud this Valentine’s Day with 50% Off Initial Migrations

Here at Hosted Network we’re not one to get sentimental, however with Valentine’s Day around the corner we thought it’d only be appropriate to share some love to businesses who have yet to ascend into the cloud. For 14 days starting from today, we will be offering new customers of My Hosted Network 50% off […]

3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And the Countdown ’til Windows XP End of Life)

Happy New Year! The team at Superior IT and Hosted Network would like to welcome everyone back from what we hope was a relaxing break spent with family and friends. A big thank you to all of our wonderful clients who made it a great 2013. We’re ready to take our holiday hats off, put […]

The Cloud – For those who want it NOW!

It has been almost 12 weeks since I’ve been working at Hosted Network and with my three month work anniversary looming, I thought it would be the perfect time to post my very first blog! Having come from a graphic design background I had very little knowledge about cloud desktops, and like many of you […]

Cloud computing for the newcomers.

The buzz around the word “Cloud” combined with “Computing” or “Technology” is circulating the world quickly. But are we losing sight of the importance of the benefits that the cloud brings to individuals and businesses? The definition of cloud computing is “internet based computing that enables users to access and share information (be that of […]

Hosted Network’s Response to Mashable’s article “3 Essential Tips for Using the Cloud”

Reading Mashable’s articles is a regular occurrence at Hosted Network. Earlier this month there was a particular post that intrigued us, “3 Essential Tips for Using the Cloud”. The article started off with Jessica’s question to Mashable, “I’ve decided to trust the cloud for my business, but I’m still concerned about reliability. What can I […]