A National Network With
Data Centres Across Australia

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Built for performance and reliability

Our network has been designed to ensure the best redundancy, reliability and performance possible. Our core network is backed by a 100Gbps backbone network powered by Juniper Networks and Arista.

Our transit network is entirely multihomed with tier 1 transit and engineered for the best routes possible including direct peering routes with all of the major content providers such as AWS, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Flexible connectivity solutions

We offer a number of ways to connect into our network such as:

  • Physical cross connect into any of our national POPs
  • Virtual cross connect via IX Australia or MegaPort
  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Layer 2 connectivity through a range of carrier agnostic ethernet solutions including Fibre, LTE, and nbn.

24/7 monitoring for optimal performance

Our network operations team monitors our network 24/7 to ensure our availability from all the major ISPs and that services we are delivering are experiencing the lowest latencies, the best routes and the highest levels of uptime.