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Our Network

Engineered and built for performance, reliability and the lowest possible latencies.

Built for performance and reliability

Our network has been designed to ensure the best redundancy, reliability and performance possible. Connectivity to our services is delivered through a multihomed system and via multiple data centers to minimise congestion and ensure high levels of throughput.

To ensure 24/7 peak optimal performance, our Network Operations team monitors all aspects of our core network to ensure lowest latencies and the highest levels of uptime.

Supported by high capacity 10-40Gbe uplinks into redundant carrier grade routing and switching equipment from industry leading vendors, you can be confident that your workloads will always be running at peak performance.

Additionally, for added layers of security and performance, dedicated WAN links via Fibre, Copper and Wireless are available to connect directly to your workloads.

Hosted Network - Network Diagram