Sophos MSP Connect Flex Program

Sophos makes it easy for you to deploy, manage, and sell new cybersecurity services across on-premises, private, and public cloud environments, growing your revenue, and lowering your costs. Now made easier, with Hosted Network as an official MSP Distributor.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex

The complex cybersecurity landscape

Most organisations simply can’t manage it effectively on their own
Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Cyberthreats
Cyberthreats are accelerating in volume and cost:


Cyber crimes committed in Australia each year


Estimated cost of cyber crimes to Australian businesses

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Cybersecurity tools
Cybersecurity tools are overwhelmingly costly and complex:


Number of security tools an average organisation is trying to manage


Cost of cybersecurity employee in an average organisation

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Cybersecurity expertsHiring and retaining cybersecurity experts has become fiercely competitive:


Increase of unfilled cybersecurity jobs between 2013 – 2021

$2.85 million

Annual cost to maintain a Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Cybersecurity may be complex, but
selling it shouldn’t be.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex

Sophos MSP Connect Flex provides you the option of integrating service-based pricing into a single monthly billing report that is delivered through the Sophos Central Partner Dashboard. Sophos Central integrates with popular PSAs (Professional Services Automation) and will soon be integrated with Hosted Network Rebilling Platform tools,
maximising the return on your investment by integrating directly with tools you already own.

MSP Connect Flex puts you in control of how and where licences are distributed while allowing you the flexibility to offer competitive pricing that maximises your margin.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex

Why Sophos MSP Connect Flex?

Use the power of one to provide your customers with comprehensive protection and award-winning cybersecurity solutions optimised for managed service providers, highly effective at stopping the latest cyberthreats, and delivered through Sophos Central, the industry’s leading unified cybersecurity management console. Check out the Flex Product Portfolio

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - One Security Vendor
One Security Vendor

Unparalleled protection, less complexity

  • Podium protection – Best-in-class, enterprise grade security solutions that are the most effective in the industry
  • Unmatched product set – All the solutions you need plus automated incident response to cover your customers’ security requirements
  • Security consolidation – Say goodbye to the complex security of using multiple vendors
Sophos MSP Connect Flex - One Security Vendor
One Profitable Program

Monthly billing

  • Increased profitability – MSP Connect Flex offers aggregate billing options that convert Capex to Opex
  • Strong return on investment – Holistic, long-term security strategy that grows with your customers
Sophos MSP Connect Flex - One Management Console
One Management Console

Cloud-native protection

  • Unified, web-based management console – Easily deploy and manage new security services – anytime, anywhere
  • Enhanced operational efficiency – Add and provision customers whenever needed
  • Cross-sell or upsell opportunities – Quickly identify security gaps. Sophos Central provides a white space analysis on all your customers simultaneously

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Sophos MSP Connect Flex

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Sophos MSP Connect Flex

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Sophos MSP Connect Flex

Choose Hosted Network as your Distributor and speak with our sales team to enable monthly billings.

Discover how Sophos MSP Connect can help you grow your revenue and reduce admin costs in selling and managing security services.

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Here’s why you should move to Hosted Network

We’re not your typical distributor. We’re a wholesale cloud and telco provider that was born from an MSP, so we understand why things need to work. We are committed to delivering cloud, telco, VoIP and security services the way they should be for MSPs; simple, easy with no margin burn.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Flexible billing options

Flexible billing options. We offer flexible billing options that allow you to eliminate the
overhead of annual renewals.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Streamlined security offering

Streamlined security offering. Our holistic approach to security goes beyond mere licensing, helping you standardise equipment and reduce support and troubleshooting costs. This results in better margins and a more scalable business for you.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - Seamless Integration with Rebilling Platform

Seamless Integration with Rebilling Platform. (Coming soon) With Hosted Network, you can integrate Sophos MSP Flex directly into our Rebilling Platform. Simplify the administrative side of your business, so you can concentrate on driving profitability through security, not on admin work.

Sophos MSP Connect Flex - SecureNetwork

SecureNetwork, our fully managed and monitored security offering helps MSPs reduce the level of support required for connectivity and security related issues. The SecureNetwork bundle includes a business grade connection (nbn® TC4 or Enterprise Ethernet) with the appropriate service level plans and a fully-managed Sophos router, all secured by Sophos Firewall delivered at the ISP layer. Learn more about SecureNetwork. Learn more about SecureNetwork.

Ready to switch? Send an email to Sophos requesting that your billing be moved to Hosted Network.