Use Cases

Learn how some of our Partners successfully implemented our solutions with their End-Customers

Product Use Case: SD-WAN

Upon leveraging the ability of the technology, they were able to minimise downtime in their clients systems and continue business operations- no critical phone calls or emails are missed out and software accesses are uninterrupted.

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Not For Resale (NFR) Credit Use Case: BaaS and SIP Trunks

Understanding the importance of offsite backups for their MSP and their customers and the necessity to look for a provider that could offer a more cost effective SIP solution, news of the NFR proved to be useful.

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Not For Resale (NFR) Credit Use Case – Teams Direct Routing

After applying for the Teams Direct Routing Not For Resale credit, Hosted Network were able to provide TribeTech a live environment that they were able to configure and test out within their internal ‘Tribes’, enabling them to determine which setup would work or not for their own business and their customers as well.

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Product Use Case: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

After realising the hurdles brought by dealing with major providers, they searched for other cloud providers that could give them flexibility, the right price point to maximise their profit margins and more importantly, demonstrate significant value of their services to their customers.

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