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Review: vCloud 9.5 HTML5 Tenant Interface

After quite some time dealing with vCloud Director's flash interface I was pleased to discover that VMWare was seriously considering a complete rebuild into HTML5. Although the initial version was not entirely fully featured, it was a long needed change in style, speed and usability that flash interfaces seemed never to be able to achieve.

Now, we are pleased to introduce the latest installment the new HTML5 Tenant Interface in all its glory. From the first look I was very impressed but after giving it a good whirl I'm glad to say that it does not disappoint. It's the first time a competitor to the flash interface has given us real control.

Whats been happening at Hosted Network

We’ve been making a number of great changes recently and have even more in the pipeline so I felt it’d be a good idea to let you know about some of them. Many of these changes have been a result of Partner feedback so if you think we can make your lives easier be sure to tell us.

vForum 2016

vForum 2016

Hosted Network had the privilege of attending vForum 2016 in conjunction with rhipe, one of our closest partners. This year vForum shifted it’s focus to Networking & Security with all of the major players present and ready with technical demonstrations and hosted sessions.

What is a Virtual Data Centre?

What is a Virtual Data Centre?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a convenient solution for small to medium businesses. Bringing greater flexibility, ease of administration and cost savings to organisations. This post will talk about why your business needs to use Infrastructure as a Service and some of the business benefits that you’ll see.

Why your business needs Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides a convenient solution for small to medium businesses. Bringing greater flexibility, ease of administration and cost savings to organisations. This post will talk about why your business needs to use Desktop as a Service and some of the business benefits that you’ll see.

Securing Your Terminal / Remote Desktop Server

Remotely accessing your servers and workstations through terminal services or RDP is an easy method of doing your job from a remote location, or gaining access to specific published applications that have been published on your servers. However, without properly investing in securing these types of RDP connections, you could be compromising the security and integrity of your servers, the data on them, and the services they’re providing.

Wholesale VoIP Business Bundles Now Available

Wholesale VoIP Business Bundles Now Available

I think it’s safe to say that selling VoIP is a bit of a niche that requires some intimate product knowledge, not just technically but from a productisation perspective as well. In that vein, we’ve worked closely with our partners and after listening to feedback, have put together easy to understand and easy to sell pre-packaged bundles to effortlessly add to your product stack.

Now live: Hosted Network Partner Portal re-launch

It is with great excitement that I announce the re-launch of our Partner Portal. We wanted to make it easier for our Partners to access all of their account information in one place. Viewing account information, active services, ticket management, and go-to-market white label resources, it’s all readily available in our new Partner Portal! We’ve […]

Disaster Recovery as a Service powered by Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Hosted Network are pleased to announce our new Disaster Recovery as a Service solution. Running as an extension of the Veeam Cloud Connect service, Veeam Cloud Connect Replication seamlessly extends your environment into the cloud allowing you to replicate and failover in the event of a disaster. Integrating with your existing infrastructure, Veeam Cloud Connect […]

More flexibility and freedom with Wholesale 3G/4G Service

Hosted Network have recently included wholesale 3G/4G wireless services as part of our product offering! Run entirely over our network and powered by Optus infrastructure, Hosted Network’s Wholesale 3G/4G service delivers Partners a range of configuration options to meet every business need. With wholesale 3G/4G, you’ll have access to: ? Increased security and control ? Redundancy for […]

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Friday! It’s been a big week for the team at Hosted Network. Here’s what we got up to this week… NVIDIA GRID We’re getting ready to roll out GPU backed Desktop as a Service! Soon drawing AutoCAD plans in the cloud will be seamless. It’s not quite ready yet but the results so far are […]

Say hello to our Managed Router Service!

We’ve rung in the new year and we’re half way through the first quarter with Easter eggs already appearing on shelves! We’ve had some new additions to the Hosted Network team and service offerings and what better way to introduce our new Managed Router Service than with my very first blog post. So, what is […]

Seeking new opportunities? Your existing clients are untapped potential!

Earlier this month I led Hosted Network’s ‘Prospecting best practices’ webinar. As my very first webinar, I was excited to present on the topic of prospecting and new business development. What surprised me is how often businesses overlook the value of their existing clientele in unearthing new opportunities, so I wanted to investigate this further. Your existing customers and database are a […]

Accelerate your sales this quarter with HN and SolidFire’s Pipeline Booster Kit!

End of Month, End of Quarter and first day of the month AND quarter have met at a crossroads this week! At Hosted Network we’re forging ahead and we’ve teamed up with our friends at SolidFire, the flash-storage experts, to help our Partners develop their Q4 pipeline with our Pipeline Booster Kit! With goodies such as pre-written EDM’s, phone scripts, […]

Hosted Network in China for the Huawei Cloud Congress 2015

Some of the Hosted Network team were off to China this week for the Huawei Cloud Congress (HCC) 2015 based in Shanghai. It was crazy busy and as with most things Chinese, the scale was immense so there was significantly more than we could see than in the few days we had there. Huawei as […]