What our amazing partners have to say about the Hosted Network Partner Experience

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”The other provider we’re working with are only open at certain times and can be hard to get a hold of. We weren’t getting anywhere and struggling to get things done.

With Hosted Network it’s been smooth sailing and we’ve got the support and assistance we need. When I place orders, it’s like bang! I’m not used to this efficiency! The biggest things is having an easy to use portal to easily create, view and manage our services. If there’s an issue I can identify and troubleshoot on my end. The visibility and additional capabilities helped us immensely to focus on our customers and provide them with the service they expect.”

Nikki Stuart, Co-Director

French Technologies

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“Making sure that our telco billing is quick and accurate has always been a concern for us. After a discussion with Ben Town, the Hosted Network team implemented a billing solution to streamline the whole process and integrate with our other business tools. The system is designed to save time and make sure we don’t miss billing for things. It’s great to have a partner that listens to us and makes things happen.”

Hayden McMaster, Managing Director

Synapse IT Consultants

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“The main thing that we really liked about Hosted was that it was a smaller team providing big service. We can put a name to a face and effectively ring someone and go, “We’ve got a problem. How do we deal with it?” And we get a very quick and prompt service. We don’t have to deal with the political red tape that you see with the bigger carriers, and we’re still getting a high grade of service.”

Matthew Smart, Operations Manager

JEM Computer Systems

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“We selected Hosted Network given the data centre backed solutions and their approach to partnership- from solutions design, pre-sales project and support. The Hosted Network team really take time to listen and understand their partners and we feel confident that we are in great hands. I love the personal touch they bring to the services as well as the fact that they work on an issue until its done, not until their shift ends – even if that means pulling longer work hours. Dylan was such an incredible help- going far above and beyond, he’s the reason we had a smooth transition for one of our major clients. It’s also clear that Meryl, Dylan and all HN staff share a great company culture. You’re all a credit to the Hosted Network team!”

Drew Pollock

Director at Clarity Technology Group

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“The previous providers we were purchasing from had a limited range of products. They weren’t proactive when it came to presales, and support and were not the greatest in terms of response times. The general communication was just lacking. Working with Hosted Network is a breath of fresh air. The team is highly responsive and provides fast turn around times with any requests we have, be it quoting, information or support.

What we love about working with Hosted Network is the reliable, well priced range of products and friendly proactive team. There is nothing too difficult for the HN team to do and all our needs are met with a smile.

The easy to use partner portal is a bonus for self service ordering and management and access to the rebilling system which helps streamline our rebilling process. If you want to partner with a company that doesn’t compromise on the quality of services and support, and offers reasonable pricing, then HN is the company for you.”

Mark Di Cristo

Managing Director at Supportdesk Australia

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“We have a great working relationship with Hosted Network. Once we saw how they operated, we were able to see the culture fit. They provided the right cloud-based solution and support for our Veeam clients to ensure that they had backup and recovery services they needed to protect their businesses.

The provisioning process is streamlined and we are now able to offer a wider range of internet service options. Their systems and ordering tools are simple and easy to navigate. Additionally, the team at Hosted Network always keeps us updated on the progress of our orders and is very quick to jump in and help if something falls off the plate or when we have an out-of-the-box request.”

Peter Kelly

Director at Centrix Solutions

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“Just want to let you know that your Support Team is one of the best I’ve come across in the telecoms industry. Had a Teams Direct Route migration (from another vendor) with a lot of small and quirky requirements – Arjay and Luke went to great lengths to help me get the customer requirements sorted out. Appreciate what the team is doing!”

Lester Bunda

Tribe Lead, Service Delivery TribeTech Pty Ltd

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“Working with Hosted Network has really allowed our business to expand our offerings and services and explore new revenue paths. We find it really refreshing to work with a company that knows how we like to conduct business and aligns the same ethos and values as we do. We love their process and procedures and the visibility to the partners. We cannot recommend Hosted Network highly enough. We attribute a big part of our successes to their offerings and the backing of their wonderful team and service delivery.”

James Borg,

Managing Director, Teamwork Technologies

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“Working with Hosted Network is like having an extension of your team. Or your family. Ben, Meryl, Dylan and all the team work hard to help us build working solutions for our clients. We needed an SDWAN solution rolled out across 3 states and more than 20 sites, and we got it.”

Gavin Rewell

Director, Not Just Networks

“We were looking for a progressive Australian based partner for our VoIP offering and we found it with Hosted Network. Deployment was a breeze and it was easy to manage with a skilled staff to assist. We’ve since had better profitability across our VoIP sales, and apart from their awesome range of products, their dedicated support team has always delivered prompt action when we need it most. If you’re looking for a vendor who has got your back & great products, talk to Hosted Network!”

Jim Kolymbis

Director, atomicBIT

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“We needed to move the business forward with cloud solutions and Hosted Network was the perfect fit. The flexibility and fixed prices works well with our billing platforms. We also have a great relationship with the team, especially the directors who are happy to share their expertise. If you’re a business looking for a better cloud partner, HN provides a customised relationship and support from a professional team that you can rely on.”

Fernando Marambio

Managing Director, Blutone Technologies Pty Ltd

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“We were looking for a company that could provide us with full turnkey cloud and communications solutions without the frustrations of dealing with the big telcos. That’s when we found Hosted Network. The fact that we can speak directly with them on all levels of their services, from sales to provision and support, it allowed us to focus more on our clients’ needs. We highly recommend Hosted Network to partner with your business. They offer a first-class service which the big providers can’t. Hosted Network has totally transformed the way we do business.”

William McCormack

IT Systems Architect, InvictusX

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“A lot of vendors require bringing in new business every month to get rebates, but that is not the case with our partnership with Hosted Network. You have a dedicated Australian based support, there’s no pressure of bringing in new business every month, no minimum spends and as Hosted Network operate on a purely wholesale business model, your customers are only yours to engage. What we like best about their services is the quality, pricing and simplicity. They are true to their promise, which is to help your MSP business grow with a complete turn key “managed service” experience for customers.”

Ben Nichols

Technical Account Manager, MCT Solutions

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“Hosted Network are one of our key alliance partners and are an outstanding team to work with. Their technical know-how and overall guidance during our organisations’ growth years has enabled us to deliver our clients’ desired business outcomes and tie in our other products and services as an end-to-end solution.”

John Blankevoort & Alex Pinkerton

Directors, Conekt Australia

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“Hosted Network is a key alliance in Solista’s Hybrid Cloud strategy. The Hosted Network cloud gives us the flexibility, control, scale and speed we require to deliver great outcomes to our customers. Hosted Network’s dedication to quality and customer service have allowed us to on-board some major corporates, simply and effectively whilst ensuring the best possible experience.”

Noel Allnutt

Managing Director and Co-founder, Solista

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“We were looking at a solution to provide off-site backup and disaster recovery to our existing customer base. Many of our customers were using Veeam B&R and when we reached out to Veeam for a recommended Cloud Connect provider they pointed us to Hosted Network. Their quick service and fantastic approach to customer relationships has allowed us to implement Cloud Connect quickly and effortlessly.”

Rob Gerwald,

Director, Cloud Horizon

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“My name is Rob Stoutley and I am the proprietor of Tailor IT Solutions. 16 years ago, I started this company to provide Tailored IT Solutions for our customer’s needs. As a point of difference, we have strived for the highest levels of customer service as well as providing the very best in IT Solutions. With the IT landscape changing rapidly over the years we looked to partner with a solution provider that shared our company values and to enable us to expand our services.

That partner is ‘Hosted Network’ and we have been working together for 5 years.

During this time we have offered and implemented a large range of Hosted Network’s services to our customers. Their staff, products, sales & support services are second to none.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hosted Network as your white label partner in IT!”

Rob Stoutley

Proprietor, Tailor IT Solutions

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“We were enticed to the people first of all, then the technology after that – they got what we wanted to achieve…the gut feeling straight away was that we wanted to work with these guys!”

Damon May

Director, Maytek IT Solutions

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“Hosted Network are far more than a business partner to us, they are truly a strategic partner with the necessary technical skills and experience to help us deliver modern, robust and secure solutions to our customers.

We have access to the most senior technical consultants who often roll up their sleeves to assist our customer address the tiniest detail just to improve the customer experience.

Their skills and service levels are first class and what we appreciate even more is that they truly care about delivering exceptional end-customer experience…amazing!”

Keep up the great work guys!

Jeff Cornock

Managing Director, Xtensive Technology Solutions

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“I had no interest in building and managing our own cloud. Standing up your own and building it, there’s an investment and you have to get a return on that investment. I didn’t want the added pressure of having to rush client’s onto it. So being able to use Hosted Network and slowly build up as we needed was fantastic!

The main reason we’ve partnered with Hosted Network is the honesty, transparency and the technical knowledge. There’s nothing worse than silence…or not being honest. Honesty is a core value at Rodin. So that’s, what we’re drawn to. And that’s what makes you guys a great vendor!

Aaron Jacobs

General Manager, Rodin Business Solutions

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“We’re spoilt at the moment! You guys are doing partnership the right way. Most MSPs sign up to partner programs and apart from the discount pricing they don’t get anything else. With you guys, we genuinely grow and learn how to improve as MSPs. We’ve learned heaps this year and we feel well supported as your partners.”

Edwin Lusala

Founder, Tech Away IT Solutions