The Hosted Network
Partner Program

Trusted by over 150+ Australian MSPs to deliver cloud and telco
the way it should be for MSPs – simple, easy with no margin burn.

What is the Hosted Network Partner Program?

Our partner program is designed for Australian Managed Service Providers who are seeking a partner in wholesale
cloud and telco that is as agile and committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, as they are.

When you partner with Hosted Network, you gain more than just access to Cloud, Voice, Connectivity and Security
services to improve your recurring profits and customer stickiness. You get access to a team that’s dedicated to
supporting your MSP’s growth and success.

From marketing through to sales, solutions architecture, technical support and tools designed to help you sell and
manage cloud and telco services with ease, we guarantee to always have your back.

Partner with a telco partner who always has your back.

10 reasons to partner with Hosted Network

You’re always
a priority

We’re not another giant company where you are just a number. You’re a priority no matter what size MSP you are.

Working with Hosted Network, you won’t be passed around from one Account Manager to the next. You’ll have a dedicated (human) Account Manager who will understand your business inside, out.

We’re channel
all the way

We’re 100% channel! Our relationship is with you. Not your end customers. We’re here to help you grow your business, not compete with you or sell to your customers.

We’re partner

Everything we do is with our MSP partners in mind. We don’t just listen to feedback, we GET THINGS DONE. To us, partner experience isn’t just about the reliability of our services- it’s about your overall relationship with our team. We’re 100% committed, with an NPS score of 76.

We get s#it

We deliver on our commitments. Our proactive approach ensures that you experience results, not just promises.

We’re entirely feedback-driven

We don’t just listen to your feedback. We
act on it.

Your feedback guides our continuous
improvement, ensuring that we evolve to meet your needs.

We love to

Open and clear communication is at the heart of our partnership. If anything goes wrong, we’ll inform you straight away, ensuring you have precise and valuable information to share with your customers.

We provide tools for your success

Built entirely on the feedback of our Partner community, our industry recognised Partner Portal is designed to help you sell and manage cloud and telco services with ease. Get exclusive access to a host of powerful features, for free.

Gain access to all these tools and more when you become a Hosted Network partner.

We help you win

From solution consulting, scoping and co-selling. We support you in everything you need to secure business wins. We’ll help you access new markets and clients.

We have the technical expertise
you can rely on

When your team needs expert advice,
we can help consult and engineer solutions that meet the needs of your end-customers. Plus, we provide 24/7 technical support, training and tools that enhance resolution times (as well as boost your customer and tech experience 😉).

We take the hassles
out of marketing

We simplify marketing with pre-built and custom campaigns. From end-user proposals to social graphics, emails, and brochures, we’ve got you covered. Go-to-market quickly and focus on generating revenue and growing your MSP.

Our wholesale solution suite

Designed to keep customers sticky and profitable
Hosted Network Wholesale Cloud

Leverage our Virtual Data
Centre, sparing you from the complexities of major cloud
providers, FX changes and
capital outlays.

Hosted Network Wholesale VoIP

Stay competitive and profitable by offering our range of wholesale VoIP solutions tailored to your customers’ needs.

Hosted Network Connectivity

Gain access to all major carriers, access technologies, and add-ons like private networks, SD-WAN, and SecureNetwork for a complete, secure connection.

Hosted Network Security

Simplify security management for your MSP and your
end-customers with our turnkey, endpoint-to-edge solution.

Hear what our partners have to say about the Hosted Network Partner Experience

Like what you hear? Partner with a cloud and telco provider that just gets it.