Partner Program

What is the Hosted Network Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is designed for Managed Services Providers, IT integrators and Value Added Resellers (VARs) who are looking at a cost effective way of going to-market with a range of different cloud solutions to grow their cloud profits.

Hosted Network partners not only get access to a wide range of different services including IaaS, DaaS, wholesale voice, and wholesale Internet among others, but they also get assistance from our expert team who can help with marketing through to sales and solutions architecture.

As a company, Hosted Network is channel focused; our entire business is built around our partners so they are never a side thought. It also means that we work extremely closely with our partners to ensure their success – after all their success is our success.

What our partners say

Partner Portal

Being partner-centric, we always make sure to provide the best partner experience to all the MSPs we work with.

Our partner portal is built and continuously improved based on our partners’ suggestions and feedback. It’s a single gateway to access a wide collection of sales, marketing and technical resources, rebilling and order monitoring tools, support platform and other essential information our partners can utilise in boosting their growth.

Content Hub

Gain access to a pool of resources that our team has created to help your MSP position and sell Hosted Network products efficiently.

From marketing kits, sales power plays, product brochures, comprehensive guides and white labels, there’s an asset that you can download and share with your customers as you start your conversation about how you can address and assist their IT needs.

Rebilling System

Your MSP’s profitability is one of the major factors to keep you going, and starting off as an MSP, we understand its importance. That’s why we’ve built our rebilling platform- a user-friendly and efficient billing system designed for our partners to generate invoices for Hosted Network and other vendors’ products and services.

Never miss a profit as the platform enables you to manage and organize invoices in a streamlined process – from bundling different services, naming the solutions as your own, setting margins, integration to accounting and PSA software and a lot more.

Partner Events

To be able to continue growing, your MSP should always be learning.

We want our partners to stay on track with the dynamic IT landscape so we’ve been regularly  organising free sales, marketing and technical workshops all meant to upskill their teams and gain valuable knowledge on how to enhance their MSP’s overall productivity.

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