Virtual Data Centre with Hosted Network

Virtual date centre Australia - Data Centres

Our Virtual Data Centre is the most straightforward of cloud services, it is the virtual delivery of servers and resources in the form of hardware, network and storage services. This enables our partners to leverage our hardware/software resources rather than having to deal with the headaches of working with major cloud providers and sacrifice their business’ capital to break into the cloud industry.

Virtual Data Centre with Hosted Network
Virtual date centre Australia - VMware

Powered by VMware

Our Virtual Data Centres are powered by the latest
virtualisation technologies from VMware which enables enterprise features such as high availability.

Virtual Data Centre Veeam

Backup Option – Powered by Veeam

With our Veeam powered backups you have complete control over your Restore Point Objectives (RPOs) – down to 15 minutes. All of which is backed by our 24/7 support team.

Rodin Business Solutions Leverages
Hosted Network’s Virtual Data Centre
in Selling Flexible and Cost-Effective
Cloud Services

Hosted Network Partner - Rodin Business Solutions

I had no interest in building and managing our own cloud. Standing up your own and building it, there’s an investment and you have to get a return on that investment. Being able to use Hosted Network and slowly build up as we needed was fantastic!

– Aaron Jacobs Former General Manager, RODIN Business Solutions

What makes our Virtual Data Centre different from
the major providers?

Predictable AUD billing

Unlike competitors such as Azure and AWS who charge per-instance and bill hourly, our Virtual Data Centre is
resource-based and billed monthly. This allows you to pay for what you use and easily increment resources. For example, increase to 1GB RAM instead of jumping to the next instance and pricing tier.

With no effect to Foreign exchange (FX) changes and burst in consumption, you can better manage your budget and avoid cost blowouts.

Virtual Data Centre - Free migration

Free migration and delayed billing

Our team of engineers will migrate any existing workloads that are either on-premise or with another cloud provider into your Virtual Data Centre at no cost.*

Additionally, we offer delayed billing for monthly service costs of qualified projects, to ensure a smooth transition so you can focus on providing a great experience for your customers.

Built-in high availability

All Virtual Machines running in one of our Virtual Data Centres are protected from both network and computer
hardware failures. In the event that a compute node dies, your workloads will automatically reboot elsewhere in the
cluster – minimising service disruption and impact to you and your customers’ productivity.

Optionally you can also replicate between sites for a complete end-to-end Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.

Enterprise storage options

Choose from either Bronze (NL-SAS), Silver, (SSD), or Gold (NVME) storage options for each of your Virtual Machine disks, allowing you to balance the cost of storage vs performance that fits your individual workloads needs. If you need to change later – don’t worry – you can migrate to a different storage tier!

Virtual Data Centre - Free standard and emergency support

Free standard and 24/7 emergency support

Be able to speak to someone and get things actioned promptly whenever you need it.

Our Virtual Data Centre offering comes with free standard and 24×7 emergency support should you experience any issues with your service that can’t be corrected via our control panel.

Partner-focused tools and support

As a Hosted Network partner, you get access to tools to help streamline billing, troubleshoot and resolve issues faster and speed up your go to market :

  • Rebilling System (Integrates with Xero, Autotask and ConnectWise)
  • WAN Service Qualification Tool
  • Network Diagnostics Tool
  • Project Guardian
  • Sales and Marketing Marketing Concierge assets
  • Post-sales support
  • Free training and trials
Hosted Network Partner Portal -  MSP Tools
Project Guardian - MSP Security Tool

A vulnerability scanning tool, included free with all public
connectivity and cloud services running on Hosted Network, enabling you to take informed actions to protect your
customers’ networks.

Hosted Network Partner Portal  - Project Guardian

Core Features:

Port Information

Easily see which ports are open to the public Internet, with a feature to see a historic view coming shortly.

Vulnerability Detection

Project Guardian scans and looks for known vulnerabilities in your services, helping identify these security issues and promptly address them.

Security Rating

Obtain a simplified overall security rating via the dashboard. This is based on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) score and the number of detected CVEs. This rating will provide you with a quick view of a service’s security status.

Notable Services

See a high-level view of all your
publicly connected services, highlighting how the world sees your services.

Proactive Warning

Included at no extra charge our team
will now proactively call you when we detect services that have potential
vulnerabilities above a rating of 8.

With Hosted Network, you get assistance with full cloud and telco
solution engineering and scoping, co-selling and free training.

Engineering assistance
Solutions architecture
Virtual private cloud network
Virtual private cloud network across data centres
Will organise cross connects to other providers
Direct ethernet connections to your environment
Firewalls Security Groups
Firewall Rules Using Tags
Firewall (Endpoints only)
Secure extension using IPSec
Remote access to individual cloud servers
BYO devices – e.g. firewall, co-location, UTM device
VPN access
Knowledge base and partner resources
Month to month billing
Australian phone support
24 hour support
Face to face meetings and consulting services
Sales and marketing assistance
Dedicated account manager
Presales solution design and scoping
Post sales project management on migrations
30 day delayed billing on migrations
Customised solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, resources can be decreased and increased on the fly through our portal where you can add/remove CPU, RAM, and Storage.

All of our equipment is 100% hosted within Australia and housed in Equinix tier 3 facilities around Australia.

Yes you can, including our internet services and Desktop as a Service.

To buy Hosted Network’s virtual data centre, you will need to purchase through a Hosted Network Select Partner. Please discuss your requirements with our Sales team on 1300 781 148 and we will put you in touch.

A VPS is a single instance of a Virtual Machine a VDC is a pool of resources that can be broken up and used to create as many Virtual Machines as the assigned resources allow for. This allows for complete flexibility and freedom over the environment and configuration.

All common operating systems are supported. Including Linux distributions.

If ordering online the setup is done within a few minutes of your order being received and payment made.

Backups are optional, but if chosen are fully managed by us and powered by Veeam.

Virtual Data Centre - Technical workshop

Virtual Data Centre | Technical Workshop

Watch this workshop to learn everything you need to know about Hosted Network’s Virtual Data Centre