A complete, turnkey secure connectivity bundle designed to help MSPs streamline selling and managing security.

SecureNetwork is an end-point-to edge, secure connectivity
bundle that’s completely turnkey and managed by our team. It
includes business-grade connectivity solutions that are bespoke to each customer site’s requirements, as well as a fully-managed Sophos router, secured by a Sophos Firewall.

The impact of disjointed solutions

MSPs typically sell on an “ask and quote” cycle, without understanding the end- customers’ requirements and
pain points. This eventually leads to a myriad of challenges that often impacts the agility and profitability of every MSP.

As a wholesale telco provider, supporting hundreds of MSP’s with thousands of customers and endpoints,
we see this time and time again.

Why SecureNetwork?

Increased (MRR) Monthly Recurring Revenue and profitability of connectivity services

Increased network protection
for you and your customers

Completely managed so you can focus on projects that matter most to your MSP

Increased (MRR) Monthly Recurring Revenue and profitability of connectivity services

Increased network protection
for you and your customers

Comply with cybersecurity best practices and cyber insurance requirements with a standardised security offering

A SecureNetwork bundle includes:

Direct access to nbn®’s business support team (Bypass residential support for faster resolution and improved productivity for your customers)

Delivers better utilisation of WAN connections by providing a “clean connection” to each customer site.

Next Generation Unified Threat Management powered by Sophos

Redundancy options available
based on a fit and need

Full private networking is includedfor multiple sites.

Business-grade connectivity

Full reporting capabilities

Fully-managed router

SecureNetwork + Sophos MDR

Safeguard your customers endpoints with a team of Cybersecurity experts

For complete endpoint management, add Endpoint Protection, Sophos MDR Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to your SecureNetwork Bundle.

Sophos MDR is completely managed by Sophos’ expert team to proactively safeguard your customers. With a combination of advanced threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities, Sophos MDR provides real-time protection against sophisticated cyber threats. Leveraging technology and expert human analysis, this service delivers 24/7 monitoring and rapid response to potential security incidents, ensuring a swift and effective defense against today’s evolving threats.

Upgrading to Sophos MDR assures:

  • Threat Detection and Response with 24/7 security coverage
  • Proactive Threat Hunting to detect vulnerabilities before they cause harm to your customers’ networks
  • Time and Resource Savings by outsourcing security efforts and having an instant Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Full-Scale Incident Response Capabilities
  • *$1 Million Breach Warranty for added financial protection.
  • Managed by Sophos security experts, not you.

Optimise your security offerings for increased profitability.