Application Streaming

Allow customers to access any Windows Application without
the need for traditional software installation

What is Application Streaming?

Application Streaming is an on-demand service which allows any Windows application to be delivered to any device without the need for any traditional software installation. It also instantly reduces support and maintenance requirements by allowing for central management and patching. This service is offered through our Desktop as a Service platform.

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What can it be used for?

Use Case – Software Vendors

One use for application streaming is to easily enable a traditional Windows application as “cloud-ready” without having to invest in rewriting the software to allow for it. With Hosted Network’s Application Delivery you can quickly go-to-market with your existing software and even charge your clients a premium addon fee for Cloud delivery.

Use Case – Retail and Point of Sales Applications

Another very popular use for Application Delivery is for retail stores and their Point of Sales software. For many retail stores’ IT departments it can be a nightmare to have to maintain dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of POS terminals. With Application Delivery, the POS software can be directly delivered to each terminal and centrally managed, dramatically reducing IT costs and streamlining support and maintenance.

Enable your customers work remotely anytime, anywhere without the hassles of software installation.

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