Boosting WAN speed and reliability with SD-WAN

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SD-WAN – The smarter way to deliver business connectivity.

As more and more businesses move data and applications into the ‘cloud’, the need for faster and more resilient broadband connections grows. Yet the technology connecting to the Internet has not kept pace with the move to cloud based applications and services. It is slow, suffers connection failures and suffocates applications unless significant investment is made in connectivity.

SD-WAN solves the problem simply, effectively and quickly. Like adding additional lanes to a freeway, SD-WAN allows you to aggregate multiple connections together for faster speeds. Using SD-WAN, no matter how many lanes you have, applications and the outside world see a single connection, one that is faster, more reliable and more intelligent as well as offering multi-line redundancy. With connectivity faster and more reliable, applications run much more efficiently and businesses are more productive.

Product Use Cases

Managed Service Providers Use SD-WAN in Enhancing Reliability, Accessibility and Security of Customers’ Internet Connections

Centralised management interface for all of your SD-WAN customers.

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Other benefits include



Providing AES 128, 256 or SALSA20 256 encryption between all connected sites for peace of mind.



Seamless multi-path redundancy with minimal packet loss and no IP address changes from a connection failure.


Quality of service

Time-critical applications will be given priority on available bandwidth when it’s needed. Services like VoIP will also be prioritised over traffic from other less mission-critical sites.



Speed will be boosted up to 400% on compressible data.


TCP acceleration

Maximising WAN throughput, especially on unstable connections links.


Faster throughput

Additional speed means applications and business become more efficient. Bonded connections can build high speed and highly redundant broadband connections very quickly.