SD-WAN built for
service providers

Quick to deploy, reliable SD-WAN to ensure your clients’ network redundancy and drive higher revenue to your MSP


As more and more businesses move data and applications into the cloud, the need for faster and more resilient
broadband connections grow. Yet the technology connecting to The Internet has not kept pace with the move to cloud based applications and services.

Poor user experience like slow connectivity, connection failures and application suffocation are bound to happen, unless significant investment is made in connectivity.

SD WAN solves the problem effectively and instantly. Just like adding additional lanes to a freeway to free up
congestion and get to your destination quicker, SD-WAN allows your customers to aggregate multiple connections
together for faster speeds. Using SD-WAN, no matter how many connections your customers has, applications only see a single connection which offers multi-line redundancy and is faster, more reliable and more intelligent increasing the
productivity of businesses.

SD-WAN - How it works

Use case

Invictus X uses SD-WAN in enhancing reliability and security
of customers’ Internet Connections

Hosted Network Partner - Not Just Networks

Working with Hosted Network is like having an extension of your team. Or your family. Ben, Meryl, Dylan and all the team work hard to help us build working solutions for our clients. We needed an SDWAN solution rolled out across 3 states and more than 20 sites, and we got it.

– Gavin Rewell, Director, Not Just Networks

How do we compare to other SD-WAN offerings

SD-WAN is just not a trend, it’s the future. The SD-WAN market is projected to grow by 28.75% by 2024
(Source: International Data Corporation), providing more revenue opportunities for MSPs.

With a pool of service providers offering the solution, how can we help you stand out from the competition?

SD-WAN Technical Workshop

SD-WAN | Technical Workshop

Discover the capabilities of SD-WAN and why it’s a must-have service for every MSP and end-customer.

Empower your customers to stay online and
profitable in an Internet outage

Here are some benefits of SD-WAN your customers may not know yet:

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Increase bandwidth and performance of connections

Implementing SD-WAN can increase your customers’ internet connection capacity by combining multiple links together, delivering greater speeds. This allows businesses to run smoothly 24/7.

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Cost efficiency

SD-WAN eliminates the need to upgrade to costly internet plans or wait for fibre builds. By default, it can tie multiple branches together under a single network, removing the need for expensive multi-site or MPLS services.

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Improved performance of critical business systems

With Quality of Service (QOS), customers can dedicate bandwidth to a specific application or system and guarantee the resources they need for peak performance.

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Boost staff productivity

Staff complaints of slow access will no longer be an issue and they’ll be able to do their work more effectively.

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Better customer experience

With uninterrupted access to their business’ systems, your ;customers will be able to provide high quality and consistent service to their own customers. Enhanced security. SD-WAN gives stronger business security with packet level encryption

SD-WAN End-customers benefits

Enhanced security

SD-WAN gives stronger business security with packet level encryption from source to destination and back.

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