Wholesale nbn®

High performance Wholesale nbn® connectivity, with all the benefits
and support from a Retail Service Provider (RSP).

Retail Servcie provider of nbn

Unlike most providers who simply resell and often pass the buck when you report issues, we’re agile enough to eliminate red tape, ensuring quick resolution times. According to nbn®, our fault-to-service ratio surpasses 98% of other telcos in the industry, including all the major providers.

In order to thrive and remain competitive, businesses no matter what size, should invest in the right
connectivity solution for their business needs.

Unlocking growth: Why nbn® presents a
game-changing opportunity for MSPs:

Wholesale nbn
More than 8.5 million premises with
active nbn® connections
Wholesale nbn - Telco Growth
$20.2 billion Expected telco market
growth by 2026

JEM cuts red tape, delivers better connectivity experience with Hosted Network

Hosted Network Partner - JEM

“The main thing that we really like about Hosted Network is that it’s a smaller team providing big service. We can put a name to a face and effectively ring someone and go, “We’ve got a problem. How do we deal with it?” And we get a very quick and prompt service. We don’t have to deal with the political red tape that you see with the bigger carriers, and we’re still getting a high grade of service.”

– Matthew Smart, Operations Manager JEM Computer Systems

Our range of wholesale nbn® services

nbn® Enterprise Ethernet business nbn® Bundles
Service Overview
  • Fibre service dedicated to customer
  • Resilient and reliable connectivity reduces business downtime and staff complaints due to poor performance
  • Includes Business Service Essential (12 – 24/7 business nbn® services) with option to upgrade
  • $0 install on 36 month* (Subject to site qualification)
  • Growing coverage (See fibre upgrade list)
  • Standard nbn® TC4 service designed for general Internet and data services
  • Available across multiple access technologies including Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Asymmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds
  • Includes Business Service Essential
Access Technology Completely new fibre install direct to customer site Mixed technology types dependant on infrastructure available at customer site
Recommended use High performance connectivity that can support high-priority applications such as video conferencing, cloud applications, VoIP and collaboration tools Home-grade, best effort service for businesses with basic Internet needs. Prone to network congestion, which can impact critical business systems.
Speeds Speeds as fast as 10Gbps Only available on up to 50/20Mbps and up to 100/40Mbps nbn® plans
Access to nbn®‘s Business Support Access to business nbn® Support team and faster rectification with included Business Service Essential (12 – 24/7 business nbn® services) and option to upgrade. Access to business nbn® Support teamand faster rectification with Business Service Essential (12-24/7 business nbn® services)

business nbn® services

business nbn® services refers to nbn®‘s commitment in
delivering a higher level of support by providing access to
business nbn® support team and responding to network issues within a specified timeframe. Available plans include: Business Service Essential, Business Service Pro and Business Service Starter. To know more, contact our sales team.

Additionally, our Service Delivery Team works directly with nbn®‘s Project Team for orders with multiple connections, streamlining the project management, communications and the migration process.

Wholesale nbn - nbn TC4 vs nbn Enteprise Ethernet

Hosted Network Partner - Internal IT

Use Case

Internal IT improves customers’ network reliability and profitability with Wholesale nbn® Retail Service Provider, Hosted Network

Partner Portal

Built on the feedback of over 150+ Australian MSPs, our
industry-recognised Partner Portal is accessible by our partners to help them sell and manage cloud and telco services easier while streamlining business operations.

MSP Tools - Hosted Network Partner Portal

What’s in it?

Partner Portal - Service Qualification

Service Qualification

  • See all available connectivity services in any area
  • Identify is a site is eligible for a free Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) upgrade
  • Best effort, Standard Symmetrical and Priority Symmetrical speed options available
Partner Portal - nbn® Diagnostics Tool

nbn® Diagnostics Tool

  • Check status and stability of nbn® services
  • Perform test for different technology types
  • Speed up resolution times rather than logging a ticket and waiting for support
Partner Portal - Internet Health Monitoring

Internet Health Monitoring

  • View Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) response times of your service
  • Track the most recent outages
  • Identify underlying problems caused by Internet outage so you can troubleshoot issues faster
Partner Portal - Rebilling System

Rebilling System

  • Remove the headaches of missed billing and undercharging
  • Generate multiple vendor invoices 
  • Integrates with  PSAs like Xero, Autotask and Connectwise
Partner Portal - Marketing Concierge

Marketing Concierge

  • Access to white label assets for quicker go-to-market
  • Access to Marketing Development Funds
  • Collaboration with our Marketing team to execute campaigns or events
Partner Portal -  Online Ordering

Online Ordering

  • Custom select products you wish to avail
  • Manage users and review pending orders
Project Guardian - MSP Security Tool

A vulnerability scanning tool, included free with all public
connectivity and cloud services running on Hosted Network, enabling you to take informed actions to protect your
customers’ networks.

Hosted Network Partner Portal  - Project Guardian

Core Features:

Port Information

Easily see which ports are open to the public internet, with a feature to see a historic view coming shortly.

Vulnerability Detection

Project Guardian scans and looks for known vulnerabilities in your services, helping identify these security issues and promptly address them.

Security Rating

Obtain a simplified overall security rating via the dashboard. This is based on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) score and the number of detected CVEs. This rating will provide you with a quick view of a service’s security status.

Notable Services

See a high-level view of all your
publicly connected services, highlighting how the world sees your services.

Proactive Warning

Included at no extra charge our team
will now proactively call you when we detect services that have potential
vulnerabilities above a rating of 8.

Wholesale nbn - nbn Pipeline Booster Kit

nbn® Pipeline Booster Kit

Get all the resources you need in selling nbn® connectivity. All our partners have access to our Marketing Concierge Content Hub, where you can download white label marketing assets for faster go-to-market.