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Unlimited SIP Trunks promo

Get 2 months free on new SIP Trunks orders.

February 14, 2024

Got new SIP Trunk orders coming? For a limited time, migrate to Hosted Network’s Unlimited SIP Trunks and get the first two months free. Why switch to Hosted Network SIP Trunks? To claim the 2 months free, mention this promotion in the order notes when ordering online, e-mail or call 1300 781 148 and […]
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Hosted Network Blog - Shiny Object Syndrome - James Davis Featured Image

Shiny Object Syndrome – The Life of an MSP Owner

November 15, 2023

I have had the great fortune of working with and observing a few 100 MSP owners, and there is a common trait in the majority of them – They like to chase shiny things! In this article I want to talk about why this is, how this is affecting your business and people around, and […]
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New on the Hosted Network Partner Portal

Partner Portal Update: Project Guardian, nbn® Enterprise Ethernet (EE) Diagnostics and more!

November 02, 2023

Our development team has been busy working on improving the Partner Portal to best suit your evolving needs. We’re excited to share the latest updates and features we’ve rolled out on the Partner Portal that you can use today! Project Guardian We’ve been hard at work with Project Guardian, a free tool for Hosted Network […]
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Marketing Concierge Content Hub

We’ve revamped our Marketing Concierge Content Hub!

September 11, 2023

Based on our partners’ feedback, we’ve changed the look and accessibility of our Marketing Concierge Content Hub. Now with colored tags for different categories and viewing options, navigating the platform has become even more intuitive. We’ve also added new white label content that you can customise to incorporate your own brand including SecureNetwork marketing kits, […]
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Is how we view Cashflow holding us back - Featured image

Is how we view cashflow holding us back?

September 06, 2023

I get asked all the time how high performing businesses are able to achieve those results, my same response is that it is a mindset and there are clear actions to make it possible. I wanted to explore this in an article. We all make decisions based on cash, but from helping owners with their […]
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MSP - Profitability with small clients

Can You Have a Profitable Business with Small Clients?

August 21, 2023

I constantly see MSP owners jumping into forums, asking question at events or webinars about how they should deal with a small client (Small clients are 1 to 20 employees). Every time without failure all the other MSP owners just directly answering without asking questions or context – “Sack the client!”. Now it may be […]
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MSP Bundling Guest Blog

MSP bundling: Are simplified sales really worth the admin complexity?

August 08, 2023

THE PITFALLS OF BUNDLING & HOW TO DECIDE WHETHER IT COULD WORK FOR YOUR MSP. If you’ve ever tried, or found yourself toying with the idea of bundling your managed services & IT products but are unsure of the profit & admin repercussions, this article is for you. Firstly, what exactly is a bundle in […]
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James Davis Guest blog - Merger and Acquisitions

Is your fear of what is next holding back the sale of your MSP?

July 24, 2023

It’s one of the best times to sell an MSP, there are far more buyers than sellers and the valuations are higher than they ever have been, so why aren’t more owners taking advantage while they can? This is a question I have been asking many MSP owners, and while legitimately there are those that […]
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MSP PSA naming convention

The trivial detail that will either future-proof or sabotage your PSA.

July 10, 2023

The sneakiest lesson that working inside hundreds of MSP systems has taught me. Every implementation I run for MSPs holds something fascinating: a secret. Unravelling a PSA (Professional Services Automation) set up is like gradually learning the story of an MSP; how they think, and how they’ve translated their own unique business processes into an […]
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Streamlining operations for improved MSP profitability

MSPeer Insights: Streamlining your MSP for maximum profitability

July 07, 2023

New financial year, new opportunities! What better way to kick things off than by giving your MSP’s profitability a boost? Trends may come and go, but improving your MSP is a timeless pursuit. The business landscape has changed a lot, and what worked before might not cut it anymore. We’ve gathered real-life insights and advice […]
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