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nbn EE management bundles

Limited time offer: nbn® Enterprise Ethernet (EE) management bundles

April 04, 2023

As an MSP, you want to provide the best possible connectivity solutions to your customers. And we have a new offer to help you do that. This limited-time offer comes with a free Sophos XGS 116 router, worth approximately $1,400, nbn® business connectivity, management and monitoring. Why leverage our promo?  Please note that this promotion […]
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We’re April Fooling no one!

March 31, 2021

As it’s the 1st of April you might think we have something up our sleeve; perhaps the following promotions are a practical joke? We’re not trying to fool anyone, our new quarterly promotions are ridiculous and real. 6 Months Free BaaS and DRaaS That’s right, 6 months FREE on our Backup as a Service and […]
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Free Number Porting Including Complex Port Category C

February 12, 2021

Number Porting isn’t fun, but we’re taking the complexity out of your hands and now the cost. For a limited time only we’re offering $0 Number Porting – even on all complex ports. Why Choose HN for VoIP? Range of Voice Solutions designed for MSPs PAYG or Unlimited call options SIP Trunking Teams Direct Routing […]
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