Infrastructure as a Service now available in Perth

  • Hosted Network June 29, 2022
  • Hosted Network Madeleane Abejero
  • Hosted Network 2min

We’ve now expanded our public cloud offering to Perth, enabling our partners to provide a better user experience to their local customers. 

With the new public cloud zone, you can now leverage a locally managed infrastructure with much lower latencies without the need to run workloads on the East Coast. This will also allow your MSP to tie in Hosted Network’s range of connectivity offerings to your public workloads providing a secure end-to-end solution. 

What sets our Infrastructure as a Service apart?

  • Free migration assistance to ease the transition of workloads coming from East Coast, local based infrastructure or from another cloud provider
  • Access to rebilling Platform to simplify the end customer billing processes, allowing you to focus on growing your business
  • 24/7 Emergency Support included as standard
  • Enterprise storage options for each of your virtual machine disks, allowing you to balance the cost of storage vs performance that fits your individual workloads –  Bronze (NL-SAS), Silver, (SSD), or Gold (NVME) 
  • No rocket science degree required to run our cloud environment! All our VDCs are manageable from a simple user web interface that provides you full control and visibility over your virtual workloads
  • Built – in high availability. All Virtual Machines running in  our VDCs are protected from both network and computer hardware failures.
  • Predictable AUD Billing. Unlike our competitors such as Azure and AWS who charge per-instance and bill hourly, our VDC is resource-based and billed monthly in AUD, so you only pay for what you use and can increment resources easily.
  • Powered by VMware. Our Virtual Data Centers are powered by the latest virtualisation technologies from VMware which enables enterprise features such as High Availability.

To know more about our Infrastructure as a Service checkout our latest Technical Workshop

Like with all of our services you can now order online via our Partner Portal, just choose the Perth availability location and your order will be provisioned automatically within a few minutes. 

Order via the Partner Portal for instant provisioning. 

Need more details? Reach out to our sales team on 1300 781 148, or or speak with your Account Manager.