7 Reasons Why Successful MSPs Use Recurring Billing Systems

  • Hosted Network July 06, 2021
  • Hosted Network Ben Town
  • Hosted Network 2 mins

Offering a variety of services to multiple clients can get messy very fast. Managed service providers (MSPs) usually administer and deliver to different needs, and may have invoices with multiple different item lines and services. It’s difficult to keep up and also grow as an MSP while attending to generally inefficient, manual billing. 

Make your life easier with an automatic billing system in place, but before that let’s run down a list of 7 reasons successful MSPs use recurring billing systems.

Improved Customer Service

When using recurring billing systems, customers see a more accurate and trustworthy operation behind the MSP they are working with. Billing solutions eliminate the middleman, assure consistency and help the reduction of billing disputes. Reliable billing avoids customer frustration and allows for longer cooperation. 

Flexible Billing Options

Modern billing systems are created to make the lives of both parties involved easier. As an MSP, you offer your products in packages, and customers get the chance to choose from given options at a fixed price. Having different packages and service plans reflects on the agile business model of your MSP. Every client’s needs are different and the right billing system allows you to provide the custom pricing along with the solutions that that client has purchased.

Customers enjoy discounts, and those are not a loss, but a business opportunity for you. Most service providers engage with both new and loyal customers by occasional discounts. With a recurring billing system, you can easily manage your discounts with zero effort. Convinced yet?

Simplified Billing

Remember all the back and forth that goes on when individually billing customers, managing the books, and struggling with miscalculations and double-billings? With an efficient billing solution, the whole pain of doing this relies on a system that assures that you get paid faster, and your customers are satisfied. 

Speed and Efficiency

Not to mention how much faster the automated systems work compared to human resources. Yes, many MSPs have protocols in place to check and evaluate the invoices and billings regardless, but it’s a simple procedure, compared to manual billings. This allows you to reduce your costs and make the best of your finances. 

Enabled for Growth

With recurring billing systems in place, your human resources can be organized more efficiently. This allows concentrating on providing more elaborate services to customers while assuring that your finances are taken care of. 

Also, using a fixed billing solution allows to easily add those new products and services to existing packages and create new packs and offers in the future.

Reduced Human Error

ven the best employees of top MSPs can make mistakes. Human error is natural, and can’t be fixed unless an automated system is in place to take care of standard procedures. Operating a business in the 21st century leaves you with no excuse but to start using recurring billing systems and drastically improve the quality of your services.

Customer Loyalty

When everything runs smooth and systemised, customers will not look  for better MSPs. So care for your customers, and they won’t ever think of changing their service provider.

Having a trusted billing system lets you focus on providing customers with the best quality support and services. Start your recurring billing system journey today, and make your business matters effortless and secure. Ease your finances, pay your employees on time and grow. Don’t let billings become a greater issue than they have to be. Good luck!