More flexibility and freedom with Wholesale 3G/4G Service

  • Hosted Network February 25, 2016
  • Hosted Network Meryl Palma
  • Hosted Network

Hosted Network have recently included wholesale 3G/4G wireless services as part of our product offering!

Run entirely over our network and powered by Optus infrastructure, Hosted Network’s Wholesale 3G/4G service delivers Partners a range of configuration options to meet every business need.

With wholesale 3G/4G, you’ll have access to:

  • Increased security and control
  • Redundancy for managed routers
  • Connection redundancy and higher uptime for your clients’ business
  • Solutions for mobile teams
  • Your corporate network or Hosted Network cloud offerings via a direct wireless connection.

I have already seen Partners bundle the service with their hardware sales – a fantastic way to strengthen the value they are providing to their customers!

Sound like something you’d like to include in your product stack? Call us today to learn more.