Top topics MSPs should talk about

  • Hosted Network March 25, 2022
  • Hosted Network Madeleane Abejero
  • Hosted Network 3 mins

While running your social media pages and publishing content in your website and emails seem easy, your success depends on what you’re talking about and why you’re talking about it. Being active on social media, email marketing and blogosphere isn’t all about brand awareness and exposure, it’s about providing unique value to your customers and establishing your MSP as experts on what you do.

You’ll get more traction from your target audience if you share content that is relevant and beneficial to their businesses.

Facing the fact that you are competing with hundreds of managed IT service providers who probably have the same offerings as you do, the real battle lies on your strategies in helping them realise the value of partnering with your MSP using relevant and timely information. 

How to stay relevant and keep your customers interested? Talk about the topics below:

1. Cybersecurity

With some of the worst cyber attacks happening the past few years, this is a topic that should always come up in your MSP’s pages and website. The need for businesses to modernise their work environments poses greater threats and vulnerabilities to their systems.

No business should assume that they are 100% safe from cyber attacks. Even though we’re unsure how crafty cyber criminals could get, there are measures that businesses could take to prepare and recover from it. 

If you are running out of ideas on how to position and sell cyber security to your customers, get some in our blog, “Selling Cybersecurity: 3 Powerful Tips for MSPs in Closing Cyber Security Deals”

2. Cloud Adoption

Why are your customers not in the cloud yet? The reasons may vary, but security, cost and lack of cloud expertise are still few of the top concerns. There’s still that lingering misconception that storing  data in an off premise environment will expose businesses into greater cyber threats. But the reality is it’s the other way around. 

Having this knowledge will help you build content that could drive cloud adoption. Leverage customer testimonials and use cases where shifting to the cloud enhanced not only security, but also operational costs and efficiency as well as capability to scale up. 

3. Unified Communication for hybrid workplaces 

As the demand for businesses to be operational 24/7, the need for an efficient communication tool is more prevalent than ever. 40% of Australians are now working from home making the demand for highly-accessible communication. 

Aside from the opportunity for new revenue streams, this is a chance to raise your value to your customers. Talk about the benefits of unified communication in the workplace and how it can increase the productivity of their staff and lessen expenses in the long run. 

In case you haven’t included it in your MSP’s offerings yet, Teams Direct Routing is a voice solution you can offer to your customers who want to maximise their Microsoft licenses and have a convenient all-in-one communication platform at the same time. 

If you would like to know more about the solution and how you can effectively position it to your customers, download our Reseller’s Guide to Teams Direct Routing white paper here. If it’s already in your voice arsenal, learn the technical know-hows of implementing the solution in our on demand webinar, Teams Direct Routing Deployment Best Practices 

4. Microsoft 365 licensing and pricing changes

With over 91,000 Microsoft users in Australia, updates on prices and licensing schemes are greatly beneficial to businesses who use Microsoft applications.

Keep your customers fully informed of the important Microsoft 365 changes and updates and these may affect their businesses. We also suggest giving your recommendations and next steps to prepare for the changes so they can make smarter decisions and plan ahead. 


No matter what marketing platform your MSP is using to promote your services, your content is the number one deciding factor in catching your target audience’s interest. When creating any type of content, always think of what matters in the space and also, The Golden Circle concept: 

  • Focus on why: Why is it important to address this issue now,  
  • Then how: How can you possibly help them face the challenges related to the issue?
  • And what: What solutions do you recommend?

Ending this piece with a quote from marketing expert, Jason Miller.

Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It is a game of relevance.

Jason Miller, Communications and Brand Strategist