Top business benefits of SD-WAN

  • Hosted Network April 07, 2022
  • Hosted Network Madeleane Abejero
  • Hosted Network 2 mins

As more and more businesses move data and applications into the ‘cloud’, the need for faster and more resilient broadband connections grows. Yet some organisations have still not kept pace with the move to cloud based applications due to limitations on budget or location for their connectivity. 

Poor user experience like slow connectivity, connection failures and application suffocation happens unless significant investment is made in connectivity. 

SD-WAN solves the problem effectively and instantly. It offers multi-line redundancy and is faster, more reliable and more intelligent reducing the risks of downtime therefore improving business productivity. It enables SMBs to use commodity internet connections and get the benefits reserved for big enterprises with massive budgets. 

Here are some benefits of SD-WAN your customers may not know yet: 

1. Higher internet speeds for better performance

Implementing SD-WAN can increase the capacity of their internet connection by aggregating multiple links together. This delivers greater speeds to provide uninterrupted access to critical business applications and keep their business running seamlessly 24/7.

2. Internet resilience for business continuity

Ensure consistent internet connections that will keep your customers’ business up and running amidst unforeseen incidents such as signal interference or disconnection. SD-WAN provides seamless failover. In the event their main connection goes offline and a backup Internet service kicks in, IP addresses remain the same making sure customers experience zero downtime and can access their critical business systems and continue to work.

Moreover, SD-WAN gives them the ability to allocate dedicated bandwidth to specific applications or systems like VoIP. This ensures that these applications have the resources they need for optimal performance and maintain a Quality of Service (QOS). 

3. Cost efficiency

A simplified, centrally managed SD-WAN infrastructure can be a cost effective replacement of expensive MPLS services for customers with multiple branches. 

Additionally, customers can leverage their existing data plans while you tie them to your network using SD-WAN. In this way, they don’t need to cancel or pay early termination fees to enjoy the benefits of SD-WAN.

4. Easy deployment to support scalability

With its zero touch deployment feature, SD-WAN can be activated on site or at a central location and sent to their remote location where the only effort required is plugging it in. Growing their business network could not be easier or faster! 

5. Enhanced Security

SD-WAN gives stronger business security with packet level encryption from source to destination and back. With in-transit data theft being so high, this gives you the highest level of data protection and security.

If you haven’t included SD-WAN in your MSP’s offerings yet, watch these on-demand webinar,  Ensuring a Successful SD-WAN Deployment to find out more about our SD-WAN architecture, deployment best practices, and provisioning process.