Partner Portal and Service Qualification Tool Updates

  • Hosted Network December 03, 2021
  • Hosted Network Matthew Wood
  • Hosted Network 2 mins

Our partners’ feedback never goes unnoticed. We took your suggestions for the Partner Portal and Service Qualification Tool on board and implemented them. 

What are the new features and improvements? Check out the list below:

New Features

Fixed Point Wireless

You can now see if Fixed Point Wireless is available and submit a request for pricing

AAPT F1000 and F400

With this update, you will also see if AAPT Fibre is available at the location. You can now order Fibre 1000 services and request pricing for Fibre 400 services.


Carrier Logos

We have replaced the text of each carrier with their logos for you to quickly distinguish different carriers.

Service Qualification Loading

We have added improvements to the system when we are checking available connections. As we have increased the number of carrier’s our qualification tool supports, we need a little more time to query the available connections. With this, we’ve added a loading screen while we fetch the results.

Contact Permissions

We have improved how permissions work. Previously you had no easy way to update other contacts within your company in the Partner Portal unless you logged in with the primary account. Now you can assign the “Contact Manage Permission” to a contact which will then allow them to update other contacts.

If you want to know more about our Service Qualification Tool, you can get in touch with your Account manager or contact our sales team by sending an email to

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