Misconceptions about the Cloud

  • Hosted Network August 26, 2013
  • Hosted Network Taylah Hession
  • Hosted Network

The term “Cloud” has been thrown around a lot recently, and many companies just put the term into their product description to make it more appealing to the consumer’s eyes. There are many benefits that the Cloud gives businesses, and these benefits overlook the misconceptions of the cloud that are out in our day and age.

The cloud is taking the world by storm, Australia was ranked the second highest country in the world that would adapt to the Cloud technologies to the highest level. By migrating to the cloud, Australian businesses are saving up to 25% in the Information Technology sector of their business. But some businesses/individuals are still wary…

So why wouldn’t everyone move to the Cloud? To answer this question simply, there are a number of myths and misconceptions that are circulating out there and I gathered up some of the best ones I could find for you.

Myth #1-The cloud is high up in the sky, with our data.

“First to mind when asked what ‘the cloud’ is, a majority respond it’s either an actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather.” – Citrix Survey.

People commonly think that because the technology is called the “Cloud” that it means that all your data is “up in the air”. People then think that because the data is up in the air that it isn’t safe for it to be in the cloud. This then makes people believe that the Cloud is un-secure. The fact that users can also access their data anywhere and anytime in the world also makes people wary as to who else can access their data. Security is the top priority to all Cloud Providers, including Hosted Network.

Hosted Network take security measures at their data centre location such as:

  • 24/7 Managed Security
  • Biometric Access
  • Swipe Entry
  • Controlled Access Lists
  • Private Suites
  • Lockable Racks

For example some internal measures that we are currently taking are:

  • Permissions- What users can use certain drives.
  • Locking down USB sticks and other peripheral devices – So staff can’t copy data from the company My Hosted Network.

Myth #2 –  The Cloud is just a passing trend.

As I mentioned before, businesses are throwing the term “Cloud” around like its a sale sticker. This may seem to the un-aware eye that this is just a passing trend, but unfortunately its not!

The technology has been around for a very long period of time, but Australia is only just utilising it to its full potential, as Australia is generally behind in regards to technology due to the geographical difference and we weren’t always as willing to adapt to new technologies as quickly as other countries. Industry forecasts that the growth of the Cloud industry will BOOM in the near future, so the term “Cloud” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Frost and Sullivan, an Analyst firm, confirmed that the Cloud Industry market was worth AU$981.10 Million dollars in 2012. They also expect the industry to have a potential to reach AU$3.70 Billion dollars in 2016. This shows that the forecasted boom will have a great impact on the Australian Market. (Source)

Myth #3 – Clouds do not expand – they are one size fits all.

Cloud services expand as you do. This allows increasing and decreasing sizes within your businesses much easier and stress free. This then leaves you without having to worry about changing your IT services. Everything is catered to your needs.

This allows businesses not be confined to a limited set of choices within the cloud, allowing versatility and scalability.

Myth #4-  The cloud is owned by Apple.

The common statement we at Hosted Network get is “Oh the iCloud, I know the cloud”. Apple does not own ”The Cloud”, nor is the cloud in whole called the iCloud. Our particular Cloud Solution that Hosted Network have  is indeed related/similar to the iCloud that Apple supplies, but only in the fact that you can access your data from anywhere in the world.

Myth #5 – The cloud is stealing our jobs.

As the cloud technology usage is on the uprise in Australia, more and more people are becoming wary of the job market. People seem to believe that the Cloud is going to “steal” our jobs. This extremely false. If anything the Cloud has increased job availability to the world. IT companies that provide the product Desktop as a Service can now market to businesses wanting to outsource their employees.

For example a large company that requires a number of administrative assistants has just decided to invest in DaaS (Desktop as a Service) .The company using DaaS can now employ people from anywhere around the Australia to fill the positions vacant , all the future employee would need is a computer. This way the Cloud Desktop allows the  employee to have access to the files they need from their employer, and carry out the tasks they need to do – from the comfort of their home.


There you have it, the misconceptions and myths of the Cloud. There are loads more of misconceptions running about out there, but these are the few that we thought we would explain to you and show you exactly how they are false.

There are so many great technologies that the Cloud has to offer. Many people use it daily without even knowing it, and we can only expect this to rise in the future. The cloud is beneficial in so many ways, whether you are a business, employee or even using it for personal use.

Check out our Cloud Product “Cloud Hosted Desktop”, it migrates your IT infrastructure to the cloud allowing you to access your desktop anywhere and anytime around the world.