An update: What’s in the pipeline?

  • Hosted Network September 18, 2014
  • Hosted Network Ben Town
  • Hosted Network

Well it’s been very frantic over the past few months with some huge developments so I wanted to send a quick update to both our prospective and current partners to let you know some of the exciting things that have been happening here at Hosted Network and what the next few months look like.

First of all, as we’ve previously announced, we’ve now partnered with the DaaS team at VMware and are working very closely with them to bring their DaaS offering to the Australian market. This is exciting news for our partners because it means you can now be one of the first in Australia (and even the world) to get access to our DaaS offering powered by VMware. 

It also means that our partners get access to even better resources such as VMware experts and sales and marketing assistance.

We are currently putting together a number of round table sales talks with a few partners that both VMware and Hosted Network are sponsoring and presenting at, so if you’re interested in putting on a breakfast or something similar as part of your marketing efforts please let us know and we can discuss how we can assist.

The new DaaS system is now also up and running so we’re booking in appointments to demo the new solution to partners and show you just how easy and simple it is to manage. If you’re interested please let us know and we can tee up a time to come and see you.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with SolidFire, the leader in distributed flash storage which all of our new DaaS services will be running from. This means that our DaaS offering just got even better and considerably faster (approx 80x storage) as it’s now running from one of the fastest storage solutions in the market. This is fantastic news for partners as it means that our VMware DaaS solution is the first in Australia to run from completely flash storage delivering considerably better performance vs our market competitors.

Some of the key points are:

  • Bucket loads of performance! Approx 80x the performance of traditional spinning disk arrays which means DaaS is a much cheaper alternative to on-premise VDI.
  • Storage Quality of Service, meaning that one customer can’t impact another customer in the event of a heavy workload.
  • Deliver Guaranteed Systems Performance – Consistent performance improves application response time and end-user experience from a storage point of view.

Hosted Network and SolidFire are also working very closely together and will have a number of co branded marketing efforts including at vForum in Sydney and Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore later this year.

There are a bunch of other things in the works too such as new data centre locations and some long awaited improvements to our Partner Portal so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime though if you’re interested in discussing potential joint marketing efforts or would like any information on the new Vmware DaaS solution or our new SolidFire storage please contact our Sales Team on 1300 781 148.