What is DaaS? (Desktop as a Service)

  • Hosted Network June 30, 2014
  • Hosted Network Ben Town
  • Hosted Network

Desktop as a Service or “DaaS” is the delivery of a complete desktop workspace from the cloud.

Just like you would stream a video on Youtube, we do something similar with your corporate desktop. Your entire desktop is streamed from the datacentre back to the device you’re working from via the internet. This means there is no processing / compute being done on your local machine (eg PC or Tablet). Instead, all the processing is completed on our servers in our datacentre with only the display and input being sent via the internet.

DaaS is also similar to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), however VDI is normally delivered from a server that sits locally in the office you are working from. The difference being is that DaaS is delivered from the cloud, allowing you to connect to your desktop wherever you have internet connectivity. DaaS incorporates nearly all the benefits of a traditional inhouse VDI install but without the headaches of dealing with the onsite hardware and is delivered in a friendly per user model.

The technology behind Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has been around for quite some time, however in recent years, thanks to more powerful server technology and more reliable and cost effective internet services, it is now available to more mainstream businesses and not just large enterprises. This allows SMBs to become more productive and to leverage Virtual Desktops, where previously without DaaS it was far too costly to even consider implementing.

DaaS has a lot of benefits for businesses with the main ones being things like lower IT costs, increased security and more flexibility when it comes to where and from what device staff work from. Some businesses though, may not have the need to deliver an entire desktop to their workers. For these type of businesses, DaaS gives them the flexibility to only stream single applications. An ideal scenario might be a software company that has a traditional software product that is installed onto a local desktop. Where DaaS comes in is that it can quickly enable this product to become “cloud-enabled” and delivered direct to its customers without a large upfront investment. This allows the software company to stay competitive against its competition who already offer a “cloud” enabled product.

While there is a lot more to DaaS, hopefully the above gives a reasonable overview. If you’re still left wondering though feel free to flick me an email at ben@hostednetwork.com.au or leave a question in the comments below.