Hosted Network VoIP Webinar – Download link!

  • Hosted Network June 05, 2015
  • Hosted Network Naomi Rheinberger
  • Hosted Network

VoIP is one of Australia’s most highly sought after markets and allows service providers to make easy recurring revenue and build an enticing service portfolio. With the cloud communications market expected to reach over $650million by 2020 – is this a market you really want to be missing out on?

Download Hosted Network’s VoIP Webinar below to explore the myriad of sales opportunities the VoIP solution encompasses as well as the range of use cases it accommodates.


Led by Managing Director, Ben Town, he explores a technical deep dive into the solution and demonstrates just how easy it is to navigate through the system as well as keep track of clients.

If you have any questions regarding VoIP or would like Hosted Network to set up your 14 day free trial, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 781 148.