Virtual Desktops Help Mums and Dads! How?!

  • Hosted Network August 21, 2013
  • Hosted Network Taylah Hession
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Long gone are the days where women, and sometimes men had to decide between family life and having a career. They were the times where companies tried to show initiative by creating job-share roles or offering more part time positions to women, but in the end there were only two significant options. Work or Family. This affected many, many women and in some cases men.

But how does this have anything to do with Virtual Desktops you may ask? Here’s how..

Right now as I write this blog post, it is August 2013 , and more and more people are working from home. Farewell to the days where the majority of people worked 9-5 in an office in order to gain income. The technology that 2013 has brought to the world has added ENORMOUS value to working class men and women.

Many of these technologies have helped the women of our world overcome the barriers that once stood in place. Much of the evolving technologies that have come to the attention of Australia are the cloud technologies. There are many forms of the cloud that are rapidly becoming popular, for example one cloud technology being our own Cloud Hosted Desktop.

The Virtual Desktop helps women and men by allowing them to do the normal computer based tasks that they would normally do in an office but at their home. This allows the work – family ratio to be balanced and sustained. Studies also show a flexible working environment leads to a happier person and a higher performance level, which is a positive outcome for both the employer and individual.

Having these technologies available to both Women and Men in our day and age enables them to carry out the exact same tasks they would in their normal career roles but within the comfort of their own surroundings.This creates more jobs available to people who can’t be at a workplace within the hours of 9-5. Luckily, every stay at home job usually only requires a computer – thanks to technology.

Many countries around the world are utilising this cloud technology by hiring overseas staff to do their administrative tasks – this being possible all because of the virtual desktop. The virtual desktop allows access to all the programs, files and software that they need to be able to perform all operations. The virtual desktop is one of many great cloud technologies readily available to anyone around the world.

In comparison within the past and present, we can now see how lucky not only stay at home mums and the occasional dad are but everyone is with the ever changing, ever expanding world of technology. Stay at home mums (and dads) were and still are very lucky to be able to work from home, and have a sustainable family life. We can thank technology, and more importantly, the cloud for this. Who knows what the future of technology will bring!

Last but not least, above we have an infographic for you. It sums up all the statistical information that we gave you, showing you why the work-from-home option for women in the past was so attractive to them. Click on the picture to get a bigger view of  the infographic!