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  • Hosted Network April 27, 2020
  • Hosted Network Raymond Viola
  • Hosted Network 2 min 30 sec

You may have heard that Microsoft Teams has enabled voice services through its Direct Routing platform. With social distancing observed in so many places worldwide, there’s been a huge uptake of Microsoft Teams with about 75 million people using it daily. Now powered by Hosted Network, your clients can maximise teams and enjoy a secure and reliable communications solution with Teams Direct Routing.

With our direct SIP connectivity, Teams Direct Routing is a powerful alternative to a traditional phone system as well as Microsoft Calling Plans, allowing users to connect to local, mobile and international numbers without any hassle.

We’re assuming by reading this article that you’re already familiar with Microsoft Teams, but for those who are curious, let’s first define what it is first.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat collaboration tool from the Office 365 suite which enables individuals to collaborate through a common platform with capabilities like chat, online meetings and document collaboration. With the workplace beginning to adapt a switch in routine with new platforms that allow for on-site and remote team collaboration, Microsoft Teams is the main hub for Office 365 users optimising teamwork and collaboration for employees, partners as well as customers.

For workplaces who are already using Office 365, there’s never been a better time to explore Microsoft Teams. Recently, it has been further enhanced with features like calling plans and others that mirror Skype for Business. And with Microsoft’s announcement of phone capabilities for the platform, there has been a growing buzz about a key technology to top them all: Teams Direct Routing.

How does Team Direct Routing work?

Teams Direct Routing works by combining the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 systems directly to the public telephone network via a Hosted Network SIP Trunk to enable voice calls, whether local or international. It’s a fully scalable service that much like Microsoft Calling Plans, allows you to keep your normal business phone numbers from a legacy landline, ISDN, and even SIP/ VoIP.

If you’re interested in Teams Direct Routing but are not sure whether it’s right for you, here are a few points to see whether this service makes sense to your customers:

  • The service is designed for businesses using or wanting to migrate to Microsoft Teams to maximise its voice call platform.
  • If your client is an existing Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Office 365 Business Premium user, they can easily transition to use this service. Partners can position Teams Direct Routing as an alternative for a separate PBX.
  • For cost efficiency, many SMEs will benefit from it. Replacing regular telco rates, businesses can potentially reduce their monthly cost. Hosted Network offers simple monthly pricing with unlimited local, national and mobile calls.
  • Fitting for today’s ever-changing business climate, Teams Direct Routing is fully scalable from just a few users to tens of thousands.
  • For a business with complex voice requirements, Hosted Network will help you plan, deploy and support your clients’ needs to deliver on complex voice requirements.

For more information, download our FREE Reseller’s Guide to Teams Direct Routing Whitepaper.

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