The rise of the outcome economy how it is shaping partnerships

  • Hosted Network August 21, 2015
  • Hosted Network Naomi Rheinberger
  • Hosted Network 2 min

The Australian reselling market is plentiful with MSP’s easily accessible at the click of a button. However, discovering and forming beneficial, long lasting partnerships can be a field of confusion and potentially lead to detrimental findings. There has been a shift to what Tech Target has hailed the “outcome economy”, keep reading to find out exactly what you need to know and what to ask when forming partnerships.

It’s no longer just about selling services, in order for partnerships to thrive there needs to be a promise of an outcome, which is where the outcome economy comes to rise. Businesses want efficiency, they want the latest technology and when choosing a partner, they want to promise of results. Honesty and transparency are becoming increasingly important in the partnership process with organisations wanting to know exactly what they are signing up for.

The demand of Cloud services is driving the outcome economy in the Channel. Retailers know they need to be moving their businesses to the Cloud in order to stay level with or ahead of the competition, whilst MSP’s know they must add Cloud solutions to their service portfolio in order to stay alive. What questions do you need to ask a vendor to ensure you’re making the most out of the outcome economy? We’ve pulled the top questions you need to ask your vendor to ensure they can deliver results.

1. How will you assist me in generating leads and winning clients?
2. What resources will I have access to? Will I need to create anything on my own?
3. How will your solutions generate more revenue from my existing customers?
4. How will you educate myself and my team on your solutions?
5. How can I leverage your own partnerships to benefit my bottom line?
6. Show me proven success that you’ve helped other organisations like me create revenue through reselling Cloud.

Partnerships are no longer solely based on the latest technical innovations, there needs to be a premium focus on communication, a succinct description on partnership entitlements for both parties and a clear understanding of results and how these results will be delivered.

There needs to be an innate understanding from vendors on all facets of your business. There needs to be an open and honest understanding of your business model, business goals, technical and sales knowledge as well as appreciation of your current clients and future targets.

The rise of the outcome economy gives you the right to demand results, don’t settle for a partnership that delivers anything less.