Introducing our new partner program, portal AND website!

  • Hosted Network June 06, 2014
  • Hosted Network Ben Town
  • Hosted Network

Over the past few months we have been busy preparing Hosted Network for a transition into a partner only model. The vast majority of our customers are IT integrators or software companies either referring or reselling our services already. The reason for this is that DaaS is a relatively new technology and while it is a very hot topic in the IT industry, most CEOs and MDs only really hear about it through their trusted IT team.

As the majority of our customers are already acting as partners, we want to provide them with all the support and flexibility as possible. Because of this, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just released V1 of our new Partner Portal, which will include:

  • Access to white label marketing and sales material
  • Invoice and accounts management
  • Order management, including placing of orders and adding new users. (This will be available shortly after the initial release)
  • And more features to come!

Our intention through offering this new portal is to allow our partners the freedom they need to grow their business without being reliant on us for simple requests such as new users and orders.

We are also working on automatic provisioning of our DaaS system but we will have more information on this as the development evolves.

In addition, we’ve also released an entirely new website focused towards partners, which I expect you’ve already noticed if you’re reading this.

We also have a bunch of other things in the pipeline so keep a watch on our blog for more information.

If you’re an existing partner or are interested in becoming a partner, please speak with our Channel Manager – Meryl Palma by calling 1300 781 148 or checkout our partner page –