New and improved IaaS – now VMware vCloud powered!

  • Hosted Network May 27, 2015
  • Hosted Network Naomi Rheinberger
  • Hosted Network

We’ve recently launched a new and improved IaaS platform, powered by VMware vCloud Hosted Network have made it easier for enterprises to leverage cloud based applications and services.

Giving the user more power and control than ever before, our IaaS allows you to customise and develop your own network architecture and create the equivalent of a personal datacentre. Operating as a resource pool rather than an individual Virtual Machine (VPS), the vCloud platform allows the provider to make the decisions around core numbers, processing power, disk space and ram capabilities as well as the ability to divide these features between the desired virtual machines – resources are able to be updated and altered on the fly.

Networking features of the new vCloud platform are self servicing, with users able to create their own private networks, virtual routers and firewalls in order to segregate and drive traffic to their own demilitarised zone, at their own discretion.Infrastructure management costs are dramatically reduced and users are able to deliver applications quickly and efficiently. Other business benefits include but aren’t limited to the below:

  • Organisations don’t have to be the hosting provider to utilise IaaS
  • Simple web based interface for providers and users alike
  • Securely hosted in tier 3 data centre located in Sydney, Australia
  • All Silver and Gold customers are powered by SolidFire All Flash Storage
  • Improvements across business agility
  • Employee empowerment through self-deploying capabilities in the click of a button
  • Control resource usage via quota control, enable cost reporting and remove VM’s when needed
  • Time needed for provisioning is significantly reduced

The introduction of Hosted Networks new vCloud IaaS platform comes with updated data protection elements, ensuring all data remains safe and protected. Complimenting the Hosted Network IaaS offering is our Veeam Cloud Connect solution whereby customers who run and operate VMware’s vCloud IaaS are able to confidently restore data straight to Hosted Network’s infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

With a commitment to providing the the best in cloud solutions, Hosted Network leverages VMware technologies to provide an IaaS solution that is the best in storage, networking and application deployment.