Enable your customers to operate remotely with these vital tools

  • Hosted Network April 14, 2020
  • Hosted Network Raymond Viola
  • Hosted Network 2 min 30 sec

With most of Australia effectively in lockdown, most of your customers are likely aiming to pivot their business to a remote workforce model. Analyst firm Forrester Group previously published advice on a pandemic business continuity plan that warns organisations they’re at risk without specific measures and tools in place.

For a pandemic business continuity plan to work, your clients who can operate remotely will need to grant their employees access to data and business applications as well as communication capabilities like phone, email and video conferencing.

Pandemic scenarios aside, offering remote working solutions allows your clients’ businesses to run smoothly while also offering increased flexibility for their staff. So now you may ask, what services or tools can we offer to bridge any gaps in access or communication, with or without a global pandemic? On this front, here are our top communications and desktop solutions, with Hosted Network exclusive offers, to enable your customers to operate remotely.

Cloud Desktop: VDI or DaaS

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VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is an easy solution for offering reliable, streamlined, and secure work from home tools. When leveraging this solution, your clients can have all the tools they need to be productive from anywhere. This means access to virtual desktops, storage, and systems from any internet-enabled device. In cases when employees don’t have company-issued devices, they can still securely log in to a virtual work environment.

Why choose Hosted Network? We are one of the top VDI providers from VMware and the only wholesale provider of VMware Desktop as a Service in Australia, so rest assured, our hosted desktops are fully optimised for business performance. What’s more is that they can be accessed from a range of devices such as Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, and Android.

Interested? Visit our Desktop as a Service page to know more.

Voice Solutions: VoIP

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With the remote workforce becoming a norm in most businesses, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one solution that gives employees access to communication tools just as they would at the office. Instead of traditional channels, VoIP uses the internet to transmit data. In this day and age, VoIP is a must-have communication tool for any workforce no matter the scale, size and scope.

In this time of social distancing and lockdowns, most people don’t have the luxury of simply walking over to a colleague to ask for something. While written virtual communication like emails and messaging can help to a certain extent, real-time communication channels like voice and video are becoming more important.

Our VoIP solutions have been designed to cater to this need. For service providers, it’s also a one-stop-shop for those looking to build a profitable VoIP offering. With a simple yet fully featured and multi-tenantable hosted PBX, comparable call rates, Direct in Dials (DIDs) and number porting, you can quickly establish their own VoIP offering.

Interested? Visit our Wholesale VoIP page to know more.

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