DaaS is on the rise: What it means for your MSP

  • Hosted Network July 06, 2020
  • Hosted Network Raymond Viola
  • Hosted Network 2 min 30 sec

The popularity of remote work as we embark on our new normal has made Desktop as a Service (DaaS) rise in popularity, also as companies prioritise the safety and accessibility of their remote workers. DaaS provides you with the sophisticated technology and power of a physical desktop/laptop, from anywhere, via a cloud service. So essentially, hosted desktops can be accessed from anywhere without the need of a physical desktop itself.

Our new normal sees many more workers conducting work from home than usual, which creates a massive opportunity for MSPs. It’s time to up your game as a managed service provider, and you can do this by offering Desktop as a Service.

A new survey from Enterprise Strategy Group revealed that 58% of participants believe that DaaS will become the primary means of desktop consumption in the new normal. Furthermore, almost 8 in 10 organisations believe VDI or DaaS is more secure than traditional desktops.

The survey also highlights the focus organisations have on finding a solution that is secure, sustainable, and easily accessible from anywhere should we face another situation that forces us to quickly adapt. Keyword here is sustainable; organisations need to place themselves in the best position to be able to conduct business as usual, from anywhere and at any time.

The interest is brewing and so is the curiosity. Arming yourself as a managed service provider to pave the way for organisations to do just this is exactly how you uplevel as a business.

What can DaaS do for you and your clients?

Many DaaS services–such as our very own powered by SolidFire (now NetApp)–are compatible and accessible from all devices such as Mac, Android, Lenux, iPad, and Android. Some of the other features include:

Fully Customisable Desktops

Customise a client’s desktop free of restrictions. The sky’s the limit, so rest assured that you can customise a desktop suited to each and every individual client and never miss out on an opportunity.


The access mobility of desktop as a service allows staff members to access, retrieve, and remain productive be it anywhere they are. Maybe your client’s new normal allows staff members to work from home 3 days a week and 2 days at an office. Hosted desktops enable organisations to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Powered by VMware Horizon DaaS

At Hosted Network, we are committed to providing the most sophisticated solutions possible and in doing so, we’ve partnered with industry leaders like VMware to bring you a solution that surpasses your expectations and sets the bar high within the industry.

Desktop as a Service is a great addition to your current solution packages designed for the new normal, remote working, and merging organisations into the new business models.

The future of business and where your money should be focused on is a sustainable and accessible solution that allows you to be ready for any situation that life throws at you. So next time life throws a curveball at you–instead of adapting you will be thriving.

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