DaaS as a DR Solution

  • Hosted Network July 14, 2014
  • Hosted Network Ben Town
  • Hosted Network

These days, most businesses see the benefit in some form of Disaster Recovery (DR). Most businesses still see this as a storage tape that somebody would take home each night, which really isn’t DR. Some might even take this a step further and have a DR solution in place for their entire server.

Think about what would happen if your office is flooded though; or for whatever reason staff cannot access the office, and more importantly their desktops/standard work environment? In the majority of cases most of your staff are going to be unable to work and they might as well go home. Major unforeseeable disasters could see your office out of action for anywhere between a few days to weeks with a potentially very large cost to your business or sometimes even closure. This is where Desktop as a Service (DaaS) becomes a perfect Disaster Recovery solution for a very low cost.

With DaaS as a DR Solution for your desktops you can easily have a copy of your “Gold Pattern” or standard corporate image ready for deployment at the click of a button. What this means is that you can have a ready to go copy of your standard desktop setup with all of your software and configurations deployed to our platform and only be charged for the service when the desktops are actually used.

Imagine the time it would take a company with 200 staff to setup, configure and deploy 200 new computers if a Disaster Recovery plan were to be implemented; most likely it would take weeks! With our DaaS as a DR solution the company could quickly deploy 200 DaaS desktops from our service and they would be ready to use in ~1 hour. Staff can then connect to their desktop from home (from any device they have) and have all their company software and resources ready to go.

From a technical point of view there are a few other items to consider such as; user authentication (AD), email hosting and file storage. All of these could either be delivered via our Infrastructure as a Service or any other third party cloud hosting service. Each solution is always slightly different though, so when our DaaS was to be used in a DR situation we would work with client to ensure that its setup and works exactly how their specific requirements dictate.

If you’d like to discuss DaaS as a DR solution get in contact with us and we can assign you one of our solution specialists to discuss your options, or if you have comments feel free to add them below!