Shared understanding creates shared commitment

  • Hosted Network May 27, 2022
  • Hosted Network Dan Williams
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When the whole team rallies behind a goal amazing things happen. When the whole team understands that goal first, understands what good looks like, and why it is a goal in the first place we have more deliberate outcomes. When the whole team not only knows their role in the success, but they also understand the roles of others we then break into the game-changing territory.

Shared understanding creates shared commitment.

Being able to understand what achieving 100% of our goal looks like will remove any doubt.

In the EOS® Model we talk about the concept of “shared by all” as one of the major tools in achieving your vision, the power of this can mean the difference between good and great, it is that simple.

And ironically simple is where you start.

Simple language, simple measurables, and simple communication.

Use plain language that does not require any special skill to understand, communicating sales goals so that the operations team understands, communicating finance goals so that the sales team understands, and so on. When all else fails communicate so that an eight-year-old would understand. Keep it simple.

Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T. S – specific, M – measurable, A – attainable, R – relevant, T – timebound. I acknowledge that there are a lot of different versions of this, but they all have the same intent and that is to quantify our goals.

Measure success, some people will be able to take your goal statement and understand what we are trying to achieve, others will prefer tangibles and numbers. Let’s face it some people are just numbers people, whether it is ones and zeros, or dollars and cents. Being able to understand what achieving 100% of our goal looks like will remove any doubt. Simple measurables that can be tracked as we work toward the goal will ensure we stay on the right path.

Communicate regularly, clearly, and consistently to keep us all together and aligned. The more straightforward you are in your communication the less time people have to spend deciphering the message. They can then use that time on action and producing outcomes. Consistency is crucial, if I know when and how you are going to communicate then I can stay focused.

Your function as a leader is to create this shared understanding. The sooner you acknowledge this as a critical part of your leadership, the better.

If you can weave that into all planning and goal setting, companywide, then you will see benefits well beyond the obvious execution of goals and delivery of outcomes. You will also build an environment where people and teams have a greater understanding of each other, greater respect for each other’s role, and hopefully, one that is committed and cohesive.

Are you creating a shared understanding?

I like to think of geese flying in a perfectly formed V as the visual “gold standard”.

Have fun!

About the author

Dan Williams is a Certified EOS® Implementer and has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. He is the former CEO of Australian MSP and certified Great Place to Work, Powernet.

He has facilitated hundreds of sessions globally on leadership, growth, and culture. Dan is driven by his passion for helping others and lifting the tide across the IT industry. Dan is a facilitator in the IT Nation Evolve program and collaborates and advises to Microsoft on their Partner Elevate program.

Dan spends most of his time pursuing his purpose of connecting people with possibilities to unlock potential. As a lifelong entrepreneur himself, Dan now works with over 25 technology service providers across the APAC region as their EOS Implementer and Coach on their journey to implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

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