The real cost of disaster for businesses

  • Hosted Network April 23, 2015
  • Hosted Network Naomi Rheinberger
  • Hosted Network

Sydney Storms has caused disaster across homes and businesses, with homes being destroyed, and businesses being affected through flooding and power outages.

Businesses are dealt greater strain as downtime continues to escalate, power remains inaccessible from offices, and work is unable to continue. Unfortunately, it takes disaster to realise necessity, and just how valuable business continuity actually is.

Companies who are implementing solutions such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) will be seeing the true beauty in the solution during these less than desirable times . Employees who work from offices that endured evacuations and power outages were able to log into their desktop from home, picking up exactly where they left off – the only downtime being the commute from the office.

Through the continuation of work, comes the continuation of cash flow, which is ultimately the key for keeping business afloat.

For those workplaces who aren’t yet ready to make the complete shift to cloud-hosted desktops, disaster recovery strategiesare crucial, and give the guarantee of workplace protection and continuity should disaster strike.

The 2011 Queensland Floods impacted more than 5,000 business, with each business facing an average loss of over $20,000 and a further 2,000 business entered into solvency agreements. These numbers would have been dramatically reduced if disaster recovery strategies were in place, and staff were able to have continued accessibility to their work and essential applications.

As a Managed Service Provider, adding these services to your product stack are invaluable as the need for business continuity and on-demand recovery continues to rise. Hosted Network provide a range of disaster recovery solutions to suit a range of services and client needs

For businesses, implementing these services will protect your business should disaster strike, as well as make everyday working practices more efficient and more flexible without the threat of disaster.

We wish all who were affected by the Sydney Storm a quick recovery.