Cloud computing for the newcomers.

  • Hosted Network October 04, 2013
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The buzz around the word “Cloud” combined with “Computing” or “Technology” is circulating the world quickly. But are we losing sight of the importance of the benefits that the cloud brings to individuals and businesses?

The definition of cloud computing is “internet based computing that enables users to access and share information (be that of documents, video, software, etc) from any computer, anywhere in the world”. Now if a person that didn’t know about the features and benefits of cloud computing technologies read that definition and judged the technology based upon on that, it wouldn’t make you want to look further into the services.

This is why it is important that Cloud service providers, such as ourselves, get the information out there for potential future clients. Our particular service that we cater for, in regards to the cloud, is Cloud Hosted Desktop. Below is some information to read about the benefits and properties of our Cloud service to read about, before venturing into the Cloud.

 Business Benefits of the Cloud

There are a number of ways that the Cloud benefits your business. It’s important to recognise these benefits so that you can get the most out of your Cloud technology experience. The following are some of the great benefits that your business will enjoy:

  • The cloud enables your businesses IT infrastructure to be completely handled by us, Hosted Network. No more noisy servers, and hello more space and peace and quiet!
  • Our “My Hosted Network” cloud service allows your business to calculate their IT expenditure ahead of time, allowing you to focus on the more important things for your business.
  • Hosted Network recognises the serious need for continuous scalability allowance for their clients. We can easily scale up and down easily for you, as requested.
  • Long gone are the days where someone has the arduous task of updating all software and programs. With our “My Hosted Network” product you can  be rest-assured that your updates and installations are all done for you on time.
  • No more waiting for a call back from a call centre when needing assistance is required. Hosted Network realise the need for 24/7 support to our clients, this is catered to by a emergency hotline available to you at anytime. We also have a dedicated team of IT professionals monitoring your systems 24/7.
  • With the Cloud Desktop technology your staff can access their work at anytime and anywhere around the world.

Security Measures of the Cloud

Hosted Network take a number of security provisions to ensure their clients are getting the best possible service safely and securely:

  • Hosted Network’s equipment is located within a world class data center and is running on the latest hardware. This lets clients be rest assured that their data is secure, adding no limitations on performance.
  • 24/7 Onsite security is practised. Hosted Network’s equipments data center also has biometric entry.
  • All of Hosted Network’s servers are also held in locked server racks inside our own secure suite.

Where is the actual data stored?

As much as we would love to say your data is stored in the great big white fluffy thing above, unfortunately its not.

  • Hosted Network is located in the wonderful Sydney, Australia.
  • Like mentioned earlier, the data is stored in a world class data center. This world class data center is also located in Sydney, Australia. The name of the data center is “Equinix Sydney Data Center SY3”. Too see some further information about the data center click here.

Reasons to consider an Australian Cloud Provider

Now that you have read all about some great benefits of the cloud, it’s important to consider which Cloud service provider that is best for your business. The reasons to consider an Australian cloud provider are:

  • Hosted Network are a Sydney based Cloud Desktop solution that enjoys helping businesses recognise the benefits and potential that the Cloud technology brings.
  • By choosing an Australian local provider you can have the peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about language barriers, time differences and delayed email response times.
  • When updating software etc Hosted Network recognise that businesses would prefer this to be out of office times. So we schedule all updates at off-peak times such as 12:00am, overseas providers time differences wouldn’t be catered to that of Australian businesses causing unwelcomed downtime.


Its important to remember that Cloud computing is more than just a passing phase of technology. It’s a technology that businesses all over the world are investing in, and haven’t looked back since the big move. Infact, 56% off SMB’s are using cloud services in Australia, up from 42% in 2012. The reasons for joining the cloud from the SMB’s were flexibility(65%) and security and backup (57%). This shows that Australia really is taking to the whole Cloud technology power. (source)

Hopefully with this information that we have provided you, along with the other information that’s out there you can understand why their is so much hype about the Cloud technology.

16If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know below. Remember – moving to the cloud isn’t scary, it’s fluffy,white and welcoming! :)