Hosted Network’s Director, Ben Town gives his 5 for 15 with ARN

  • Hosted Network February 12, 2015
  • Hosted Network Naomi Rheinberger
  • Hosted Network

This week our Managing Director, Ben Town sat down with leading IT publication, ARN to discuss his top 5 channel predictions for 2015. Ben gave his thoughts on the Desktop as a Service movement and as well as the areas to be cautious of in the channel for 2015.

ARN: What will be the key channel plays for 2015?

Ben: Government and education sectors will be key plays for cloud adoption in 2015, with government and educational houses acting as leadership figures for Australian businesses. Targeting these plays will create a flow on effect for demand of cloud services as businesses recognise the mobility advantages and cost benefits of the moving to the cloud.

ARN: What will be the key technology for 2015?

Ben: For Hosted Network – particularly Desktop as a Service (DaaS). 2014 was the year that the big players entered the DaaS market, so we’re expecting this will play a key role in 2015’s cloud offering. SMBs to Enterprises will start transitioning their workforces due to the awareness that the major vendors are creating within the industry.

ARN: What is your key message to the channel for 2015?

Ben: Identify your strengths, create a strategy and enlist in support from those with experience to ensure your business transition runs smoothly and is rewarding for your business and your clients.

ARN: Your key warning to the channel for 2015?

Ben: If you’re looking to resell a solution, do your research and understand the market you are going in to. Leverage your vendors and ensure they are capable of delivering the services you require. I’ve seen many businesses create partnerships that have no long term prosperity and don’t provide adequate support, causing business venture failure.

ARN: Key to your company for 2015?

Ben: Educating the channel is a vital component of Hosted Network’s cloud enablement plan in 2015. Creating targeted education programs to instil knowledge around the tools and techniques available for cloud transition and optimisation, and to ensure our channel is trained on how to sell and deliver cloud services, ensuring our Partner’s success in delivering a profitable offering.

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