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Rebilling Update: Xero and Autotask Integration

We have added two new integrations into our rebilling system: Xero, a comprehensive online accounting tool and Autotask, a billing and contract management system for MSPs.

Both integrations are intended to streamline VoIP billing for all our partners and save a huge amount of time without having to manually input every customer transaction.

With Xero, VoIP billing and accounting can now be completely "set and forget" while Autotask syncs all rebilling charges to the Autotask contract so that Autotask can invoice it.

Our manual rebilling system is still up and running so you can use this in conjunction with or as an alternative to these integrations.

Why you'll love it

  • Nothing is lost in the cracks: You can bill customers directly for everything you are charged for
  • Set and forget: You won't have to check that it's invoicing the right way each month
  • One invoice: Customers can receive a single invoice from Autotask, improving their overall satisfaction
  • One partner portal: Both are built into the partner portal; it doesn't require another portal and another set of credentials. Simply log in to the same portal you always go to and configure away
  • Seamless integration with no manual handling

Getting Started

Xero Integration

You can now link the Rebilling system to your Xero account through the Configuration page.

When you click on "Authenticate Xero Account" you will be redirected to log into your Xero account.

You will then be asked to allow Hosted Network access to your Xero account:

Once access has been granted you are then asked to connect to your organisation:

If Xero successfully connected to the Rebilling System a green notification will appear at the top of the screen.

The "Authenticate Xero Account" button in the configuration settings has changed to "Clear Xero Account". If at any point you wish to revoke the Rebilling Systems connection to your Xero account clicking on the Clear Xero Account will clear the access.

Once you have clicked on Clear Xero Account a green notification will appear at the top of the screen.

Autotask Integration

The Rebilling system is now able to connect to your Autotask Account so that you can link services from Hosted Network to your Autotask Contracts. You can link the Rebilling system to your Autotask account via the Configuration page.

Once enabled a new button will appear when on viewing Active Customers.

Once you have saved your Autotask login details in the configuration page go to the Rebilling Customer page by clicking "End-users" in the Actions menu and then clicking on "Link Autotask Customer".

This will then take you to the next page which will load all your accounts from Autotask (Please note this may take some time).

Once loaded, click on the drop-down to show all the accounts retrieved from Autotask and select the one you want to link and click save.

Once saved you will be redirected to the list of Rebilling Customers. A success message will appear at the top and you will see a new customer with the tag against it.

Connectwise integration is also on the roadmap, further accelerating the efficiency of your financial flow.

Want to see a new feature? Let us know and we'll look at adding it to our development roadmap. Contact us here.