100Gbps core network upgrades!

  • Hosted Network January 16, 2020
  • Hosted Network Raymond Viola
  • Hosted Network

Recently, we’ve upgraded our transit network, bringing on additional carriers and peering to provide more capacity and better routes. As the next stage of this upgrade, we’ll be upgrading our entire core network starting with our Sydney facilities.

These upgrades are designed to meet our growing capacity requirements as well as our continual effort to increase redundancy and performance.

Hosted Network has partnered with Juniper Networks to leverage their latest high capacity MX routers which will bring our core network backbone capacity to upwards of 100Gbps.

In addition to the core network upgrades, we’re also implementing a new switch design which will allow for more scalability and reduced failure zones in the event of equipment failure.

Over the course of the next month, our network engineers will bring the new equipment online and gradually transition services over before finally decommissioning the old routers.


While these upgrades are primarily capacity upgrades, we are expecting to see improved network performance around latency due to taking advantage of some of the newer functionality that the Juniper routers deliver. Additionally, services that are delivered from our data centers will benefit from increased redundancy that the new network design provides.

What to expect

The migration of services will have a fairly minimal impact, however, some services will need to be migrated from the old equipment to the new ones. This will mean a service interruption of a few minutes while this happens.

We’ll be scheduling after-hours maintenance for all of this work to minimise the impact.

We’re all super excited about these upgrades and the benefits it will bring all of our customers so stay tuned for further updates!