Dedicated Servers

Be in total control on our flexible, reliable and robust dedicated servers. Choose from any of our flexible servers or forward your specifications to our sales team for a quote.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are an ideal option for those who need dedicated performance, resources, control and security. Along with the advantage of complete server control, our dedicated servers boast more reliable performance, greater flexibility and security but at a lower price point than our enterprise Virtual Data Center offering which is perfect for non-mission critical workloads! And because all of our servers are located in Australia, we ensure low latency levels between you and our servers.

Premium Dell Hardware

To ensure reliability we only use Dell PowerEdge servers who are the leader of rackmount servers. Staying with a single brand also ensures we can easily manage and maintain your server with locally stocked spares. Additionally you get the benefit of DRAC (Dell Remote Access System) which allows you to manage the server as if you were sitting in front of it yourself.

Need something a bit more custom or powerful?

We allow you to customise your dedicated server however you want, as if you owned the equipment. The only limitations that will apply are those of the underlying hardware.

Do you need more RAM? We can pack your dedicated server out with as much ram as it can handle, just let our sales team know we’ll sort it out for you.

Do you need faster CPUs? If you need more processing power we can offer a number of different CPU configurations to ensure your workloads are running at peak performance

Want to upgrade to SSD from HDD? Depending on what workloads your running you may prefer storage capacity over storage performance, either way we can configure your dedicated server so it has plenty of capacity and/or plenty of IOPs performance

Operating Systems

We can provide any number of operating systems for you to run on your dedicated server, from hypervisors like VMware, to traditional bare metal operating systems like Linux and Windows.

VMware ESXCentOSServer 2012 Foundation
XenServerRedhat LinuxServer 2012 Essentials
DebianServer 2016 Standard
OpenSUSEServer 2016 Datacenter
UbuntuServer 2016 Standard
Server 2016 Essentials