3D Virtual Workstations

3D Ready – GPU powered Cloud Desktops for the unrivalled performance from the cloud.

GPU Enabled Virtual Workstations

Our 3D Virtual Workstations are powered by the latest Nvidia GRID technology to deliver unrivaled performance for 3D workloads, regardless if you’re running AutoCAD, Photoshop or Medical Imaging. Delivered from the our Sydney based Tier 3 based data center, our GPU powered Virtual Workstations enable you to avoid the extreme cost of high end workstations and allow your staff to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

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See the difference between a CPU-only VDI and a GPU accelerated desktop powered by NVIDIA GRID

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A few of the included features with our GPU enabled Virtual Workstations

SSD Peformance

To deliver the highest performance possible, all of our GPU enabled Virtual Workstations run from the latest enterprise SSD storage systems. Allowing applications and files load faster than ever!


100% Uptime Guarantee

We’re confident in the uptime of our Virtual Workstations, so much so that if we’re not up 100% in any given month we’ll provide a service credit for the outage period.


NVidia and VMware Powered

All of our GPU enabled Virtual Workstations are powered by the latest Nvidia GRID technology and run on the VMware platform. Enabling a huge range of 3D applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Google Earth and more!


Securely Australian Hosted

Unlike most of providers of GPU backed Virtual Workstations, we deliver ours from our Sydney Tier 3 Data Center alongside government and large financial institutions to ensure that Australian customers get the best latency possible.



Need the power of a high end workstations while on the road? Our Virtual Workstations give you the ultimate freedom to access your applications and data from whatever device you like, from where ever you like.


Fully Customisable Desktops

Unlike most Desktop as a Service providers we provide no restrictions around our Virtual Desktops. You are given the control to configure the desktops exactly as required to accommodate your needs.

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We take our Hosted Desktop performance seriously!

To ensure our hosted desktops perform their best at all times we’ve partnered with SolidFire (now NetApp) and run all host our VDI from highly redundant, all-flash storage. This allows us to guarantee the storage performance delivered to our hosted desktops (VDI).

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few of the more commonly asked questions

Hosted in Australian tier 3 data centres alongside major companies like Google, Fairfax and the Federal Government, feel confident your data is protected and secure with redundant power, cooling and network uplinks.

This will depend on what the end-users are doing. Typically though 5 users will be able to run on a reliable ADSL2+ connection that has a speed of 10+Mbits.

Yes you can, including our internet services and Desktop as a Service.

Yes you can! This is available with our GPU backed VDI. Speak to our team of friendly Solution Engineers to discuss your custom requirements specific to your needs.

The processing of applications is done on the remote server, not your local machine; if you lose internet or power, your files will not corrupt and will be right where you left them when you return. We recommended a second internet connection to be implemented for failover ensuring little to no downtime.

Office 365 Online can be used within the hosted desktop. To discuss your options with Microsoft Office and available licensing plans, please call our Sales team on 1300 781 148.

To buy Hosted Network hosted desktops, you will need to purchase through a Hosted Network Select Partner. Please discuss your requirements with our Sales team on 1300 781 148 and we will put you in touch.