Workstation as a Service

Deliver all the power and the capacity your customers
need with all the benefits of the cloud

Powerful, Professional Graphics
– Virtualized, Mobile, Secure

Our cloud delivered Workstation are the perfect alternative to traditional, costly workstations, delivering all the power you’re used to but with all the benefits of the cloud.

Predictable Costs

Unlike most cloud providers we provide a fixed monthly AUD cost per VDI for easy budgeting. No need to worry about FX fluctuations blowing out your budget.

Securely Australian Hosted

All of our Virtual Workstations are delivered from secure Australian data centers helping to deliver a fantastic user experience.

Perfect for remote workers

Virtual Workstations are perfectly suited for a distributed workforce. While still allowing IT departments to centrally control all aspects of security and management.

High Performance

All our VDI offering are powered by industry leading SSD storage, ensuring your applications and files load promptly and keeping users happy.

Ultimate Flexibility and No Headaches

Focus on your business, let us worry about keeping the lights on. Our Virtual Desktop are fully managed so you don’t need to worry about anything to do with infrastructure.

Simple Management

Unlike most cloud providers we provide a fixed monthly cost per VDI for easy budgeting.

See the difference between a CPU-only VDI and a GPU accelerated desktop
powered by NVIDIA GRID

Powering even the most demanding
applications such as

Hosted Network Logo
Hosted Network Logo
Hosted Network Logo

Simplified management so you can
focus on what you do best

Enterprise Grade Features

Complete freedom and flexibility when it comes
to networking, security and productivity

Active Directory

Connect easily to an existing Active Directory or we can provide you a new one.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

For added security easily add a wide range of Multi Factor Authentication.

Shared Drives

Either BYO file server or leverage our infrastructure offering.

VPN or Layer 2 Connectivity

Easily connect your Virtual Workstations to the rest of your corporate network via VPN, or a range of layer 2 connection options such as physical cross connect, MegaPort and IX virtual cross connects.

Multi Monitors

Our Virtual Workstations support up to 4x monitors to give even the most power hungry users all the workspace they would ever need.

Unlimited Power

Need more horsepower? Our Virtual Workstations can have up to 32 vCPU and 1TB of RAM and can even have dedicated GPUs.

Use Cases


Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Design and 3D Modeling

Learn how Workstation as a
Service can help your customers
drive productivity