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Teams Direct Routing

True unified communications system for your business.

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The power of a business phone supercharged through Microsoft Teams

Teams Direct Routing is an all-in-one solution for your internal and external communication needs using the power of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to function as a full-fledged PBX or business phone system.

How Teams Direct Routing works

Teams Direct Routing is the feature that enables Microsoft Teams to make calls to the public telephone network so you can call local, mobile and international numbers all within Teams. Without going into overly complicated details, think of Direct Routing as a very elegant workaround to Microsoft phone system and calling plans and is fully scalable from just a few users to tens of thousands.

The Microsoft Teams phone system adds Voice Calling & Video Calling/Conferencing to every device on top of the already impressive suite of features included in the Microsoft Teams application.

How Teams Direct Routing works

Desktop Teams Direct Routing works by combining the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 systems directly to the public telephone network (via a Hosted Network SIP Trunk) to enable local, national, mobile.and international calls.
Team Routing

Is Teams Direct Routing for your clients?

Already using Teams

This makes perfect sense for your client. Any business that is already using Microsoft Teams as their primary mode of communications can easily transition to use this platform. Partners can position Teams Direct Routing as an alternative for a separate PBX.

Already using Office 365

Not a Teams user yet but already have some form of Office 365? Many organisations do not realise that their Office 365 license arrangement may already include Microsoft Teams in their Office 365 subscription. So why not utilize something that you already paid for?

Cost efficiency and flexibility

As a one-stop communications platform, there’s no need for complex phone systems that can be more costly for businesses, especially for SMEs. Many businesses end up paying far more than they need to for an adequate business phone system on top of their Microsoft Teams subscription just to make and receive normal business calls.

Teams Direct Call Routing Include

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited Local, National and Mobile calls are included in our Teams Direct Routing plans. *Fair Usage Policy applies.

Carrier Grade Reliability

Voice communications is one of the most important aspects of our clients business which is why we operate a rock solid carrier grade environment.

Bring Your Own Numbers

Never have to change numbers again. We offer a full number porting service through so you can keep your existing numbers.

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