Simplifying endpoint-to-edge security for MSPs
and end-customers

Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become too complex for most
organisations to manage effectively.

As the security landscape continues to evolve, the financial risks to businesses and the MSPs that support
them are increasing. To help mitigate these risks, Hosted Network offers an endpoint-to-edge security solution for MSPs and your customers with SecureNetwork.

The impact of disjointed solutions

MSPs typically sell on an “ask and quote” cycle, without understanding the
end- customers’ requirements and pain points. Whether it’s partial solutions that have been pieced together or
inherited by the customer’s incumbent provider, this often results in frustration, pain and risk to both the MSP and the
end-customer including longer resolution times, margins being burned by support calls and poor
customer experience.

Current practice The result
Disjointed approach to security and connectivity:
  • Incorrect connection types installed
  • No SLA on connection
  • Incorrect routers
  • No firewall
  • Unpatched and outdated routers
  • No network redundancy
  • Connectivity and security integration challenges
  • Lack of network visibility
  • Complexity with support and troubleshooting
  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Unprotected systems
  • Wasted support hours impacting margins

Seamless endpoint-to-edge protection

As cybersecurity threats continue to become more complex, businesses and MSPs need to ensure they have a robust and comprehensive security system in place to protect themselves and their customers.

At Hosted Network, we are committed to delivering cloud and telco services the way they should be; simple and easy to use. That’s why we developed SecureNetwork, a turnkey solution that is designed to simplify security for both MSPs and end-customers while addressing the increasing demand for reliable security and connectivity.

SecureNetwork combines both endpoint-to-edge protection, providing a unified platform that simplifies management
while effectively safeguarding your customers. By integrating security and connectivity, we aim to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with managing multiple, disjointed solutions.

Our focus is on ensuring your peace of mind. The expert MDR team at Sophos continuously monitors and responds to
potential threats, allowing your customers to rest easy knowing your customers’ network and users are protected 24×7. SecureNetwork not only addresses current cybersecurity challenges but also ensures that you and your customers can focus on what truly matters, your business.

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

The solution comprises of two components:

1. Edge Protection

SecureNetwork Edge Protection offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that includes the following features:

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Business-grade connectivity

Business-grade connectivity

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos routers

Onsite Sophos routers

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity -  Next-generation Unified Threat Management

Next-generation Unified Threat Management (UTM)

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity -  Complete monitoring and management

Complete monitoring and management of the connections, equipment, and firewalling

2. Endpoint Protection

Experience unparalleled cybersecurity with Sophos MDR Complete, an advanced Managed Detection and Response solution designed to safeguard your customers through proactive threat hunting, expert analysis, and 24/7 security coverage.

Sophos MDR Complete – How it works

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

Proactive threat hunting

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

Comprehensive threat detection and response

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

Time and resource savings

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

24/7 Security coverage

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sophos Managed detection and response MDR

$1 Million breach warranty*

SecureNetwork - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity - Sales Webinar

SecureNetwork Sales Workshop

Turn the challenge of disjointed connectivity and security solutions into an opportunity with our cybersecurity offering, SecureNetwork. Watch our sales workshop to learn how you can mitigate these risks to both you and your customers and boost profit margins and business resilience at the same time.

Why ?

By leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in network security, SecureNetwork provides a seamless and hassle-free solution that allows MSPs to achieve higher profit margins, faster resolution times, and improved customer experience.

Simple to quote and sell

Quoting is as easy as providing the below, and we’ll do the rest!

1. Number of endpoints (computers / servers)

2. Connectivity type & speed

Need multiple connections for redundancy? We’re happy to assist with scoping your requirements.

SecureNetwork Marketing Kit - Endpoint-to-edge cybersecurity

SecureNetwork Marketing Kit

Get all the resources you need in selling our endpoint-to-end solution, SecureNetwork to protect your customer’s business.