Hosted Network is Now a Silver Partner of SMBiT Professionals

Sydney, Australia – July 1, 2021. Hosted Network, wholesale provider of cloud and telecommunication services for MSPs announces their sponsorship of SMBiT Professionals as a Silver level sponsor. 

Since shifting to a full channel-only model in 2013, Hosted Network’s success has been credited and driven by their partners’ success. Their work revolves around the mantra – Build, Grow, Succeed, helping their MSP partners build meaningful customer relationships, grow in every facet of their business and succeed in the competitive MSP landscape.  

True to their mantra, Hosted Network would like to expand their reach, help more tech providers achieve their business goals and contribute back to the channel community by joining the top industry association of IT professionals in the country. Being a part of SMBiT Professionals means more opportunities for their team to help other IT providers in growing their business and winning more deals. 

Meryl Palma, Partner Success Manager at Hosted Network said, “We’re looking forward to helping SMBiT Professionals members expand their cloud and telco solution set so they can compete with the big guys but also help support them in upskilling their team and becoming efficient and scalable in their MSP. We don’t just onboard a partner so that they can transact. We have a vested interest in seeing our MSP partners succeed in every aspect of their business. If it isn’t something we can directly help them with, then we’ll try to point them in a direction that can.”

What sets Hosted Network apart from the rest of cloud and telco providers is their unique approach in enriching relationships with their partners. Working with over 150 partner MSPs (and growing) for the past years has helped them gather valuable insights, developed their expertise and focused on aiding their partner MSPs in addressing the pain points that prevent their growth and success. 

” I think what members will find refreshing about Hosted Network is the fact that we started as an MSP, we’re channel-only and that we’re big on building strong, collaborative relationships with our partners – no matter their size. One of the biggest gripes I hear about is partners having to compete with their vendors on direct opportunities. When we get retail leads we pass them on to our partners. They own the end-customer relationship.”, said Palma

Hosted Network believes that strong relationships are brought by trust, meaningful knowledge exchange and support. Starting off as an MSP, they understand how important it is for IT providers to stay informed about all things happening around the MSP landscape and be involved in a community that shares common goals and experiences. That’s why they are very excited about this new partnership with SMBiT Professionals, who share the same values that they live by.

 “It has always been our mission to bring together an intelligent ecosystem of IT professionals and exchange knowledge about best-practice solutions that we can deliver to Australia’s small and medium businesses (SMBs). Having Hosted Network as one of our partners can uplift our undertaking and add more value to the services that our members bring into the SMB market.” said Maria Armstrong, CEO at SMBiT Professionals

About SMBIT Professionals

SMBiT Professionals is Australia’s leading industry association for IT business owners and professionals specialising in IT solutions for small and medium businesses. It has grown rapidly and now represents 400+ members across Australia.

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About Hosted Network

Hosted Network is a licensed Australian wholesale cloud and telecommunications provider. Founded back in 2003 as an MSP and transitioning to a 100% channel model in 2013, Hosted Network now works solely with other MSPs to help design and implement a range of technical solutions for them and their customers.

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