Hosted Network launches new Perth-based public cloud

Hosted Network, a 100% channel cloud and telco provider for Australian MSPs and in partnership with NextDC, has expanded its public cloud offering to Perth enabling Western Australian based MSPs to deliver a greater user experience and productivity for their local clients.

Backed by the industry leading Partner experience that over 200+ Aussie MSPs know and love, Hosted Network partners can now take advantage of locally run infrastructure with much lower latencies rather than the need to run workloads on the east coast with the added benefit of being able to tie in Hosted Network’s range of connectivity solutions directly into their public workloads for a secure end to end solution. 

Backed by free 24/7 support, Hosted Network offers its MSP partners free migration assistance to ease the transition of workloads coming from east coast or local based infrastructure or alternatively from another cloud provider.

Like all of Hosted Network’s service offerings which are designed specifically for MSPs, the new Perth based public cloud offering also ties into their free rebilling platform to simplify the end customer billing processes, allowing MSPs to focus on what they do best.

Everything that we do at Hosted Network is based on partner feedback. Speaking with our Western Australian partners, we recognized a gap in our offering. With the launch of our Perth based public cloud we can now deliver the same benefits that our East Coast partners enjoy, such as high performance, on-demand infrastructure with low latency and our top-notch support.” said Ben Town, CEO at Hosted Network.

Hosted Network is also set to launch a new public cloud service in Brisbane. Currently, the wholesale cloud and telco provider have existing public cloud offerings in New South Wales and Victoria.

About Hosted Network

Hosted Network is a licensed Australian wholesale cloud and telecommunications provider. Founded back in 2003 as an MSP and transitioning to a 100% channel model in 2013, Hosted Network now works solely with other MSPs to help design and implement a range of technical solutions for them and their customers.

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