Rodin Business Solutions Leverages
Hosted Network’s Virtual Data Centre in Selling
Flexible and Cost-Effective Cloud Services

MSP Business Challenges

  • Finding a flexible cloud solution that they can provision when needed instead of building and managing their own which isn’t cost-effective
  • The need to set aside time and resources to learn new cloud environments
  • Complex and unpredictable billing of large cloud providers which is typically in USD

End User Business Challenges

  • Having the burden of paying for high tiered cloud plans without fully utilising all its features
  • Lack of investment in security due to budget constraints

The Challenge

Building and managing your own infrastructure not only requires great investment, but also a huge chunk of your MSP’s time. As RODIN Business Solutions already manages a lot of their clients’ systems, having another system to learn and oversee would be an obstacle to their agility.

After realising the hurdles brought by dealing with major providers, they searched for other cloud providers that could give them flexibility, the right price point to maximise their profit margins and more importantly, demonstrate significant value of their services to their customers.

Upon reaching out to a couple of cloud providers, RODIN decided to

partner with Hosted Network, a local cloud provider dedicated to MSPs.

“I treat Hosted Network now like our Infrastructure Department…
You’re our Cloud Department and I don’t need to think about it.
That’s what I was looking for and that’s what we got!”

Aaron Jocobs, General Manager at
Rodin Business Solutions

Solution Familiarity

I think for an MSP that’s important; finding something that’s familiar, something that’s easy to work with, easy to price, easy across the business, that works really well and that’s what it’s been for us.” says Jacobs.

As the knowledge and skills of their technicians should continuously be refined, having a cloud solution that’s familiar and easy to deal with is a great time-saver for their team.

Free Trials and Training

“We could trial in advance and Hosted Network was great in providing us with temporary resources and giving us things to muck around with, answering questions which made it really easy for us. It gave us an opportunity to have a nice plan from the get go and be able to trial and test it and be really comfortable across the whole company and your solution before we went to market with it.”

Hosted Network provided temporary resources and training to help RODIN’s team be familiar and comfortable with the solution. This enabled them to plan accordingly on how to position and market the product to their customers.

End Results


  • Scalable Resources
  • Ability to test environment for seamless implementation
  • Flexible Billing
  • Training and Engineering Assistance
  • Transferrable On-Premises Skills

End User

  • Ability to expand infrastructure resources without unnecessary costs
  • Investment on security measures due to significant savings
  • Resources (Catering for peak and off-peak business seasons)

Virtual Data Centre