Partner Success Story

A Case Study Interview with Y365’s CEO, Jeff Cornock

Company Name:



Managed Service Provider

Technology Solution(s):

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Connectivity
  • Backup as a Service
  • Data Centre Services


Melbourne, Australia

This Melbourne-based IT Services business was acquired almost eight years ago as an add-on to an existing IT software distribution and consulting practice that was operating purely in the IBM mid-range IT sector.

The intention behind the acquisition was to develop a presence in the SMB market, leveraging an existing customer base and team of technical staff. It soon became evident that the acquired business had been focussed on break-fix services for too many years, and it was clear that serious change was needed to transition, and survive, in the mature MSP sector. After a few years of constant change (staff/skills/ alignment with desired customers etc.), the business settled with a diverse customer base spanning multiple industries.

The Roadblock

Wind the clock back just a few years; with the intention to remain agile and profitable providing cloud services as well as voice, colocation, backup and more.

“The customer’s management team had chosen not to tell their employees about moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud at all. There was concern that if they did, and the employees found something that was slightly different at their workplace, they might then blame the cloud-migration. So, the idea was to transition the entire business and not tell employees therefore not encouraging any queries and complaints. It was during a company presentation some three months later when the IT Manager announced to middle management and all staff that they had actually migrated to the cloud. That in itself was pretty impressive because there were a couple of minor hiccups during the migration that were dealt with behind the scenes. They migrated completely to the cloud and nobody knew!”

– Jeff Cornock
CEO, Y365

Cloud Migration Done Right

This first large cloud project was not only a pivotal step for Xtensive Technology Solutions, but also a complete change of direction for their multi-national customer. The global brands’ Australian arm was the first region to move and unify all their systems into the cloud.

The Perfect Cloud Partner

Following the success of the large cloud migration project with the assistance of Hosted Network, it became apparent that moving forward with their team was the right choice.

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