Partner Success Story

A Case Study Interview with Invictus X IT Systems Architect, William McCormack

Company Name:

Invictus X


Managed Service Provider

Technology Solution(s):

  • VoIP, Connectivity, Infrastructure as a Service, Data Centre Services.


Macarthur, NSW

Invictus X is an all-inclusive Managed Service Provider delivering top-notch IT services to over 200 organisations across Sydney.

Their MSP utilises innovative technologies and proactive and strategic thinking to prepare their customers for the digital age. Their goal is to help their customers plan ahead to prevent potential IT problems from occurring.

Fundamental value, compromised

One of the core values that guides Invictus X is “Under Promise, Over Deliver”. To maintain both a good reputation and their customers’ trust, they must fulfill their commitments and meet or even exceed customer expectations. Without a reliable partner they can work closely with, it is difficult to keep this value alive.

“Previously, our falling down was the fact that we had to rely on big telcos to deliver our promise. We’re stuck in the queue along with everybody else. There was no relationship with the providers and their cloud systems.”

William McCormack, IT Systems Architect
Invictus X

Delivering on commitments together

Not only Invictus X, but also their customers, noticed the difference when the company collaborated with Hosted Network. Their processes and internal systems improved, and all the headaches brought by the inefficiency of working with different market players were alleviated.

The benefits of automated tools and support from Hosted Network

Partnering with Hosted Network goes beyond bringing the right solutions for their partner MSPs. It’s also about providing them with efficient tools and consistent support to ensure growth and profitability.

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