Partner Success Story

A Case Study Interview with French Technologies’ Co-Director, Nikki Stuart

Company Name:

French Technologies


IT Services & Telecommunications

Technology Solution(s):

  • Wholesale VoIP and Internet


New Beith, Queensland Australia

French Technologies is a local, family-owned telecommunications IT business that provides clients in various industries with the latest technological solutions.

As a small business themselves, French Technologies understands the importance of having reliable services, regardless of whether you’re a major corporation or a start-up with little more than an initial idea.

Being held back

French Technologies felt like they were going nowhere with their incumbent voice provider. They were struggling to get things done for their clients because their service provider was often unresponsive and lacked support for any issues.

“There’s constant calls, there’s constant emails, and we’re just not getting anywhere.”– Nikki Stuart, Co-Director, French Technologies

Making the move to Hosted Network

French Technologies found that getting up and running with Hosted Network’s voice system was hassle free for them and their clients. Hosted Network was often one step ahead by identifying potential issues that could have prevented a smooth VoIP implementation for French Technologies.

Having their backs

Operating with just two people does have its difficulties, but disruptions were minimal thanks to the ongoing support and immediate assistance from Hosted Network.

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